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Question: Chaning the max amount of rock raiders

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Hello all,


Is there anyway to change the max amount of rock raiders. I would like to be able to have let's say 15 when you haven't build de support station and 30 after you build it.

I have been looking trough the Lego.cfg but couldn't find anything that points to it.


Maybe I missed it, maybe there is another way?

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Welcome to RRU.


I believe changing the OxygenCoef for the rock raider will do it. Here's the relevant section in the CFG. Change -1.0 to -0.66 and you should be able to bring 15 raiders per Support Station.


                Pilot {               
                        Levels                  4
                        RouteSpeed              01.500:01.650:01.850:02.000
                        SoilDrillTime           08.000:07.000:06.000:05.000             
                        LooseDrillTime          08.000:07.000:06.000:05.000
                        MedDrillTime            12.000:11.000:10.000:09.000
                        HardDrillTime           00.000:00.000:00.000:00.000             
                        SeamDrillTime           15.000:14.000:13.000:12.000             


                        OxygenCoef              -1.0
                        CanStrafe               TRUE
                        EnterToolStore          TRUE

                        ShowHealthBar           TRUE


Someone else can double check me.

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Aaah thanks i will check it out and report back the results


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