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Help running LEGO Stunt Rally

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Hello everyone,


I've been wanting to play Stunt Rally again for quite a long time now, but always gave up very easily. This week, I wanted to go all the way. First I tried it with a backup ISO, as I couldn't use my disc because of a missing CD drive on my PC. 


So I first tried installing it on Win 10 using the alternate installer by le717, installed the Indeo 5 codec and ran it as administrator, in compatibility mode, with /NOINTROVIDEO and /FROMLAUNCHER. The application seemed to launch, but silently terminated even before the intro screen popped out. Sometimes it would launch, only to just crash after about 2 seconds. So after a few hours, I gave up on trying it on Win10, and installed VirtualBox instead. I made a Windows XP and a Win 98 installation, installed the game as intended only to get this error message: https://imgur.com/a/ADjyGSA
The Win98 one is in German but they are basically the same. I made some unfolded screenshots as well so you can see the crash details.
This message prompted in both my Windows XP and my Windows 98 virtual machines, always before even booting up the game, just when the launcher swintches into that little thumbnail. This also happened on my Laptop which had a disk drive, so I figured it's not a fault with my computer in particular.


I figured maybe I had a corrupted ISO, so I actually went ahead buying an external CD drive and a new game (mine is pleeenty of years old, so why not just play safe when already investing) and tried things out again with the new cd instead. Same issues, and the internet either seems to be unable to find a solution for it, or just magically be able to run the game pretty easily. There's no in between...


So as my last hope I am now trying to reach out to you by myself, as I invested pretty much effort into this and I really hope to be able to play this game ever again. I can't possibly be alone with this.



Thanks in advance,

a fellow nostalgic

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