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Modding Car Sets?

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Hi all,

(I'm new here - I hope I am putting this in the right topic!)


So I had some questions about modding the (player) car sets in the game. I know this game isn't really actively modded anymore so I'm not expecting a quick answer (would love to be surprised, though!):

1. Can the "chassis" be recoloured in any way? I'm aware that individual bricks can easily be colour-swapped (mostly) using the colours defined in L_COLORS.LEB and LPIECEHIGH.LEB and such, but I've found nothing about what determines the colour of the car chassis.

2. New Bricks! I don't suppose there's a way to do this...? I'd like to add some retextured pieces, but I don't want to replace anything - so cloning existing pieces would be ideal, if it's in fact possible.

3. Speaking of retexturing, I'm having trouble finding ripped template images for anything to do with cars - the AI vehicles, the placable bricks for the player, etc. Everything I can find seems to relate to GUI, the maps, or the minifigures. I'm sure these are on the forum already somewhere, so I'm sorry for asking, but after a good number of searches I can't find them.

4. What does CRSTMGR.LEB (presumably "Car Set Manager") do? It suggests that it might be possible to add entire new car sets to bypass the 30-brick-per-set limit, but I'm doubtful that would work in practice,

5. I'm suspecting that any solution to this one will be above my level of expertise, and would probably break existing builds... but is there a way to redefine how much "space" a brick takes up in the editor? Some of them (crossbow and parrot are good examples) occupy a huge footprint compared to the actual model at it would be nice to cut this down.


Thanks for the help!

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