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Guys, what do you think about the idea of making some kind of Lego Rock Raiders game experience in Minecraft? 


Imagine: Carefully applied textures from LRR and editing them so they won't look like a mess or drawing them from scratch, whatever would work the best. Premade cave map with buildings and walls, and you act like one of those miners. I mean there are should be applied datapacks and maybe even mods/plugins depends on how complicated we want to be.


The easiest way would be just starting the server with a map where you need to collect most emeralds, and the most difficult (but also very rewarding) would be drawing the whole resource pack, setting up the server with custom plugins/mods/datapacks, or other settings that would turn Minecraft into LRR when you were playing in the first person. 


Yeah, I know how ambitious I may sound, especially having zero knowledge in coding, but just imagining how it would work... Makes me somehow very confident that it isn't that hard, and the idea of how the graphical part could be done might be very inspiring. Anyway, it's just an idea. I hope we'll discuss it at least.


Also, I'm planning on making few textures and then screenshots just to showcase the idea (because graphics is the only thing I could do, but I can't promise anything, I don't have much time lately)

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