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Processor Affinity can help crashing

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Like other I have seen two random issues - first is for no reason the game will vaporize and the process is terminated.  The second is the game gets stuck - display is frozen but the game loop is still running.


No pattern - the larger the map the higher the chance to have it hit. 


I tried the executable under windbg - and caught the lockup - its a deadlock condition.  Ok - not surprising - given the later 90's coding threading errors could easily have been made given that the dev's themselves may not have had a dual core processor back then and I'm on a 12 core. Many threading errors simply wont show up in a single core since you don't really have asynchronous threads at the same time.


So for laughs I launched the legorr.exe, and then fired up task manager, details on that exe, right click, set process affinity, and only allowed a single core. This basically tells windows to only let the scheduler only run the threads for that process on that CPU - basically acting as if it was now a single core. Settings are not saved, its just for that process running currently (so have to do everytime you launch the game). Ran a couple of missions that would almost always lock up - no problem.  Game is a bit laggy but I'll take laggy on big maps vs crashing.  FYI, going through the Baz missions.  Enjoy.

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