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LRR crashes 10 minutes after launch

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I've managed to launch LRR, but it always crashes 10 minutes after launch. I've tried to launch it on Win XP (in VM) and on Win 10 (on host machine). I've tried dgVoodoo, RGB emulation mode, usual DirectX mode. I've tried fullscreen and windowed. I've tried CE. I've tried pretty much everything I could find on the forum, and somehow it does work, but crashes (simply closes) exactly 10 minutes after launch.


Also, the unrelated bug that ruins my game: the Tool Store cannot be upgraded (actually, none of the buildings can be). The button shows up as active, but when I press it, nothing happens: Ore amount is not decreased and building is not upgraded. Couldn't find anything about that on forum either.


Any thoughts?




Also: Cafeteria "Online Patch Library" seems to be down (I get the timeout exception) and I couldn't get LRR CE running. My only idea is that I have Win 10 with HiDPI settings and these somehow break CE. The original .exe runs normally.


Oh, the (important?) thing: I have a Russian version of the game.

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forgot to mention I have Russian version of the game

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English version does not crash and "Upgrade Building" button works in it.


I'll try to tinker with .wad files and sounds a little bit for the sake of nostalgia, but in the worst case I would just play the original English version then.

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Russian version crashing exactly 10min in is bizarre! I've never heard of that. Random crashes, yes, exactly 10min in, no.... I've also never heard of Upgrade Building not working. That's absolutely bizarre. Oh, well, at least the English version works.... so, uh, use that?


Cafeteria's Online Patch Library does now timeout, yes. The good news is that every patch on there can be fished up out of RRU's database, if you're prepared to do a little trawling (there are a lot of goodies there!).


In order to run Community Edition you'll need Community Edition + the CE DLL + the CE:Core Cafeteria patch, which is uploaded here + Cafeteria to use the patch.





As for some starters on language modding:

  • firstly, you'll want Wad Recycler to unpack and repack the WAD files (you don't even need to repack them if you remove the existing wad files and put all the folders in the LegoRR0 / LegoRR1 folders under Data)
  • LegoRR1.wad contains most of the language-related stuff. Level briefings are in ObjectiveText.txt , names (for levels and buildings alike) are in Lego.cfg , mid-level messages from Chief are in the Levels folder usually called 05.txt or something. (These last files also exist in LegoRR0.wad, but the game seems to never use this version, so don't worry about them)
  • Voiced sounds (like level names) are under LegoRR1/sounds
  • Font is in LegoRR0/Fonts - I suspect this is engine-specific and probably the most likely cause of the crash (we could never really get custom fonts ingame because the system was such a mess).

Make a backup of your files first, of course!


I suspect the game should be perfectly stable (well, as stable as LRR gets) if you change all the names, change all the level-specific stuff, put the Russian sounds in, but don't touch the font side of things. I guess once you've done all that you could make a backup, then try the font stuff, and if that crashes then switch back to the backup you just made.


Getting that all working within Cafeteria is going to be a bit messy: my usual recommendation is:

1) Make a new LRR installation
2) Put all your modded files in

3) Then add Cafeteria

4) and continue from there like normal


If you're feeling particularly brave, you could try and make it a Cafeteria patch, but you really don't need to do that!





Feel free to continue the topic with language modding questions or whatever :)


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Well, though it is offtopic, I did attempt to make a patch:


Fonts indeed are a mess, the Russian .exe differs a lot and also requires two .dll files which seem to be characters encoding related. So I didn't go that deep and just switched the sounds.


I've spent some time figuring out why Cafeteria didn't install my patch properly. Turns out the English installer I had marked all files in Data/ folder as read-only. When Cafeteria tried to overwrite those files with files from my patch, it had a System.UnauthorizedAccessException. The patching logic, however, just ignores such exceptions and doesn't even tell anything about it in the log. So, Data/Sounds/Streamed might not be replaced by Cafeteria. However, the Russian files for that directory are in the patch, so patch can be extracted and those files could be used to overwrite the read-only files manually.

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