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Rock Raiders has hotkeys, apparently

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In the Lego.cfg file there has always been a very confusing reference to keys. They did not appear to do anything. The only game-interaction hotkeys ever appearing were in Rock Raiders' debug mode.


Recently, a document was unearthed about Rock Raiders hotkeys. To make a long story short:


1. To use hotkeys you have to hold F2 and click the selected hotkey

2. Hotkeys are rebindable in the Lego.cfg file in the "InterfaceImages" section. The last entry of each row refers to a key. search "KEY_M" for an example.


Now that's a 20-year old secret hiding in plain sight!


Edit: Also worth mentioning that in Eye View, Z and X makes your character strafe, which I learned fairly recently myself

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While poking this, I discovered

- Hotkeys can use 0-9, A-Z , and + -   There are probably more keys that can be used - would be surprised if the spacebar couldn't be hooked up as a hotkey - but those are the ones that LRR uses and it uses them fine.

- Hotkeys are not case-sensitive. F2 + Shift + A results in the same as F2 + A

- There are only hotkey items for things on the item list menu on the right side. So things like Teleport Rock Raider to Planet (M), Open Large Vehicle Menu (A), Build Power Path (P), Teleport Hover Scout (2, for some reason), Upgrade Engine (E), Get Driver (D), Teleport Vehicle to the LMS Explorer (also D), Build Tool Store (9 for some reason), Build Support Station (1 for some other reason??), etc.

Things that don't have hotkeys - and don't seem to be able to get them - include Action Stations, Open Radar, Go To Notification, Cycle Buildings, anything in the Priorities menu.

- Hotkeys for things that don't exist (Eject Ore, Load Minifigure), didn't seem to work

- Back has a hotkey (B), but I couldn't ever get it to work


LRR also has some keys that do things regardless of this - like Esc for opening the menu. There are three others like this: P also opens the Pause menu, - zooms out, and = zooms in. (Also arrow keys for rotating the camera, now I think about it. I wonder if those can be bound). Any hotkey bound to any of these will also bring this up: so F2 + P when selecting an empty tile will build a Power Path as per hotkey P, but will also pause the game. - is bound to some vehicles and teleporting them in via this will indeed teleport them in but also zoom the camera out a bit.


Overall the LRR hotkeys aren't cohesive enough to actually use a lot of them (the vehicle and building hotkeys are incomprehensible and a lot of handy things are bound to P and thus will also pause the game), but it's shocking to find them in plain sight and easily moddable. I'll probably make a Cafeteria patch to make them actually sensible.


I wonder if Cyrem magic can do something about that F2...

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