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Upscaling bitmapped fonts causes incorrect scaling in-game

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Hi there,


I was attempting to scale the fonts in Bioncle Heroes up 4x but I've run into a problem.


I tested upscaling the font dds (franklin.dds) by 2x and the values in the corrisponding franklin.qfn file by 2x as well (so characters would have the correct coordinates and size relative to the upscaled dds).


This however causes the characters to be scaled (in-game) vertically, but not horizontally according to the aspect ratio of the character.





Any ideas as to what I've done wrong?

also, if anyone wants the qfn file format, here's what I could determine:

    Position array
    Character array

Header, byte[0x50]:
    Unknown, byte[8]
    File size (+ 0x10???), uint32
    Position array count, uint32
    Character array count, uint32
    Font height, float
    Font base, float
    Space width, float
    Unknown, byte[20]
    Position array offset, uint32
    Character array offset, uint32
    Unknown, byte[20]

Position array:
    Position[Position array count]

Character array:
    Character[Character array count]

    X, float
    Y, float
    Width(in dds), float

    Character, wchar
    Position array index, short

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