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Lego Drome Racers vs Cars 3: Driven to Win

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Oh hello there. Today i'm going to compare Lego Drome Racers and Cars 3: Driven to Win.


Lego Drome Racers


Lego Drome Racers: Amazon.es: Videojuegos


1. It is not related to, or follows the two previous Lego Racers games, even though Atd developed it, who had also developed Lego Racers 2. You can tell because real human models are used for characters in Drome Racers when in the original Lego Racers games, the characters are Lego minifigure characters. Having a Lego game, Tv series with human models are great, as the later Lego Friends would later use this style, and Drome Racers' comics use this style, but poorly executed by this game (see reason #18).

2. Poor sound effects.

3. The Gba version's graphics look flat and boring.

4. No free roam which it's predecessors Lego Racers and Lego Racers 2 had.


Cars 3: Driven to Win


Juego PS4 Cars Driven To Win


1. Good and same graphics as Cars 2: The Video Game.

2. No Dlc.

3. Rock n Roll Music.

4. Same and new weapons from Cars 2: The Video Game.


I just prefer Cars 3: Drive to Win cause has better graphics than Lego Drome Racers.


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Are you guys confused about this thread again?

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20 hours ago, bautista said:

Are you guys confused about this thread again?


Sorry to be rude/break the silence, but we're unable to respond to your comparison posts because there's nothing we can contribute to the discussion.




Now, this is NOT to say that creating topics that compare games are bad... if anything they can be used to provoke interesting discussion among users with different opinions/experiences on the matter...


...but as a community primarily centred around LEGO games (both old and somewhat new), you'll have a hard time finding anyone who knows/has played any of the "Cars" games you talk about.

Barely any of us know anything about the games/characters you keep comparing LEGO games/characters to, and as a result we can't really say anything about the topic or give an honest opinion (heck, I didn't even know there was a Cars 3 tie-in game until now).




Also, as you might've noticed, RRU has become rather inactive as of recently, so if there were people who knew a thing-or-two about Disney's "Cars" tie-in games, they've probably already left the forums long ago.


I hate to say it, but sadly you came to RRU at a time where most active forum users were moving onto other ventures/communities (myself included).

This isn't to say RRU is dead, but it's active user-base has dwindled significantly over the past year.




In short (to put it bluntly)... Nobody can respond because we don't know anything about Disney's "Cars" games, and even if some people did, most active users have stopped reading/visiting the forums in recent times.


Again, sorry if this post is rude, but I felt I ought to spill the beans and be honest about why nobody is responding.

It's not because of you, @bautista, it's just because this is not the right community to ask, especially in the current state RRU is in.

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You'll have a hard time finding anyone who knows/has played any of the "Cars" games you talk about.


I have played Cars: Mater National in my other computer.

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