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LEGO Stunt Rally please help me!

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can someone tell me how to download LEGO Stunt Rally and make it work on pc?

¿Alguien puede decirme cómo descargar LEGO Stunt Rally y hacerlo funcionar en la PC?


Qualcuno sa dirmi come si scarica LEGO Stunt Rally e farlo funzionare su pc?

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Hello @emagiampa,


RRU does not support piracy and it is against the rules to share links to pirated games. Perhaps it would be best to try and get a legal copy of it? :thumbsup:



DO NOT Post or Upload Illegal Material
Rock Raiders United DOES NOT support piracy. You are NOT permitted to share links, upload or make available publically or privately: full games, applications or media that would otherwise need to be purchased or licensed from the IP holder (the owner of the content). This does not apply to content that is released by the IP Holder as demo, freeware, trial and other license types for public sharing.

There are certain situations where you may share limited files or samples of software/media for the purpose of achieving interoperability or providing education. This is so that tools can be created to read/write or otherwise interact with the shared files of software/media and further documented.

Other situations where limited parts of software or media may be permitted are for the purpose of providing support or correcting software bugs. For example: To improve or make software/media compatible with newer systems or to provide missing content the software owner should have received.

We understand such exceptions can make it difficult to decide whether some content is allowed to be posted. If you are unsure about a file you wish to upload, please contact one of the members of the moderation team. Links or Uploads may be removed at the request of the original author or copyright holder, or at the discretion of the moderation team at any time.

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Well, this game, no matter what, will not function on any operating systems that are:

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8/8.1

Windows 10


What I did was to set up a virtual machine of Windows XP using VMWare 15.5, and settng up Lego Stunt Rally by getting an .ISO online. It works just great!

I do not condone piracy, and I also own Lego Stunt Rally in Hebrew.


Hope this helps!

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