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Building doesn't teleport

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Hello there !


I have a problem in one of the last mission. My game is vanilla.

When I try to construct the upgrade station, the building doesn't teleport on ground.

But when I quit the level, you see the buildings and units teleport back to LMS but the upgrade station comes down at this moment.

I only have 10 raiders max and I launch the building order when there is nothing else to do.


I searched a lot but didn't find anything


Thank you !!

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That's two bugs going off! Well, the first is kinda a feature. A bit. Not really.


The first is the not teleporting down. This occurs when the building site is blocked. It could be blocked by:

a) an extra resource

b) an electric fence spark

c) anything else

   a) commonly occurs when you are using Small Transport Trucks. Your Upgrade Station is at 19/20 ore and the STT drops off 3 more ore, bringing it to 22/20 - but the game only shows 20 out of 20. I've noticed that raiders will refuse to pick up resources off the building until the last raider carrying resources there has finished - but once that's done, usually giving a pickup (or even move-to-tile) order picks up the excess resources and it teleports down. (This is why I don't like upgraded STTs, as they go from 19/20 ore to 25/20 ore... sigh)

    b) You know that yellow light that electric fences sometimes have?

_ _ _ _

_ F * F

_ * _ *

_ F U F

_ _ U _

Here F indicates a fence, * indicates the yellow spark thingy on the ground, _ indicates a blank tile, and U the Upgrade Station. The Upgrade Station will be blocked as the spark from the electric fences on the upper U tile will actually prevent the building from teleporting it.


c) can also include small Rock and Ice Monsters, but usually everything else walks off eventually



The second bug is because LRR is a bit weird and will happily teleport stuff down as it's being teleported up - but this one is just graphical and has no effect on gameplay.

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Hello aidenpons !

Thank you for your quick reply !

In fact the problem was effectively with the Fences ! I had never this problem before so I could not understand ^^'

I retried few minutes ago and it worked fine ! I knew the problem with Stt's so I didn't upgrade them when I was in "building mode".

Thank you so much !

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