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LR1 music in LR2 Music Pack

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As some might know I work on music. I remix songs Write original pieces and even find a way to mod music into other games. Well ever since I found out in 2012 how to mod music for LR2 I was obsessed! But it still couldnt really get a LR1 vibe for the second game til I decided to mod some of the cars in from the first game. I later modded in the music from the first game which was cool and all but note it was a direct port from the first game. After I stumbled upon a topic on rock raiders with MIDI files of the LR1 songs I decided to orchestrate them and import them into the first game! Here's the music pack:


Here's The YouTube Playlist:



well but for now I hope you enjoy the sequel feel :)

something real quick here's a remake of Riegel's Race Track I made two years ago



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Oh nice, I always found the LR2 music very terrible (the main menu music was especially lousy) and the LR1 music so much better.


Your remixes feel a lot... calmer. :P They don't get me hopping around on my seat like the original LR1 music does - but that's good, it can be nice to have something a little calmer!

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