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LWO to OBJ, specifically made for Rock Raiders models

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A quick and dirty tool for converting Rock Raiders models (.LWO + .UV) to OBJ, just cause I got annoyed there was nothing that handled the texture mapping properly/at all (generating UV coords from the planar texture info, or loading them from the occasional .UV files)


Animations/full creatures and buildings etc are another deal entirely (.LWS files; scenes comprised of LWOs), I make no promises as to if/when I might tackle that but it'd be in a separate, more extensive project


Select/multiselect as many LWOs as you want and it'll plop the OBJs/MTLs right along side 'em, just remember LRR puts some things in special "Shared" folders so if some textures aren't present, look there



  • Rock Raiders often leaves certain textures unfiltered to create an appearance of crisp seams between bricks on low resolution textures, but sometimes their choices on what textures to do it on were a bit weird - the Power Station is a great example: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/topic/8156-rock-raiders-models-uv-files-x-files-texture-filtering-and-the-shared-folder/ Basically, if something looks too blurry when you think it should look sharp, try messing with the settings for the texture in whatever program you're using (i.e. in Unity, enable point filtering for the texture under Filter Mode)
  • Chief's models are flipped on X, inside out. His animation then scales him to -1 on X, making the faces appear the right way around, but with flipped vertex normals. Why? So the lighting from the cursor - behind him - makes him appear lit from the front. I've included an option to flip models on X, so you can get Chief's models as they appear once animated in-game.
  • Vertex normals are generated by the game at runtime, and the game ignores any smoothing angles that may be set in the LWO; hard edges are purely handled by which verts are welded/unwelded
  • Rock Raiders often adjusts the scale of misc things in the animations (like the minifigure head), keep an eye out for that if you're assembling these together manually


Some screenshots of converted models in another program:











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Updated so it describes more surface properties in the MTL comments, i.e.

# Surface name:  Newbit top yellow grill SidesX
# Surface flags: None
# Color (RGB):   197 254 1
# Luminosity:    0 (0%)
# Diffuse:       256 (100%)
# Specularity:   166 (64.84375%)
# Glossiness     256 (100%)
# Reflection:    0 (0%)
# Transparency:  0 (0%)
# Texture flags: X, PixelBlending, Antialiasing
# Texture path:  \\Mother\LEGO\Meshes\Lowpoly\Buildings\Refinery\NEW-side.bmp
newmtl Newbit_top_yellow_grill_SidesX
map_Kd NEW-side.bmp

still need to figure out just how much of that can be properly translated to the OBJ/MTL format...

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