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Trouble getting LEGO Island Rebuilder to work with dgVoodoo2-modded LEGO Island

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Edit: Apparently switching the "Redirect Save Files to %APPDATA%" setting to False did the trick. Not sure why. Hope this helps someone out there with this extremely specific issue.


Hello, I recently ran across the LEGO Island Rebuilder modding tool that lets you adjust the turning speed and replace the music among other things. I've installed LEGO Island on my PC (Windows 10) using the Alternate Installer and modded the install folder with dgVoodoo2 to enable DirectX HAL. I can play the game completely fine with the normal exe. When running it through LEGO Island Rebuilder, it plays fine until I try to go outside the Information Center onto the island. The game takes a while to load and just crashes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Current Specs: AMD Ryzen 3 1200, GTX 750 Ti, 8GB RAM

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found solution

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