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LEGO Rock Raiders (PC) 20th Anniversary late "celebration" thread

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Soo... yesterday, 15/11/2019, was the 20th anniversary of LEGO Rock Raider's PC release in 1999 (according to Wikipedia).



...considering the lack of celebration, I think it's safe to say I'm not the only one who wasn't prepared for this anniversary (I wasn't even aware the 15th of November was LRR's anniversary until Ksyon casually mentioned it in his "Mighty Miners" topic)



Thankfully, there's still the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation port coming up next August, plus the PC version's 25th anniversary coming in 5 years time.


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I have a little very big something LRR-ish planned, in progress, and quite decently functional, but haven't managed to get enough meaningful done in time for this. Nevertheless, watch this space. ;) I might not get it done on the day LRR was released, but at least I hope to get it done in a month...

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