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Lego Legacy Heroes Unboxed - a NZ View - IMAGE HEAVY

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I was sure there was a topic on RRU discussing this game but evidently it just doesn't exist.


Lego Legacy Heroes Unboxed is a mobile game developed by GameLoft. It was released in early access around August this year in a whole host of strange countries - Denmark, Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand. I think I'm the only active RRUser with access to it. This will be a mess of chronological & overall.


I have absolutely no hope of running it on my phone as the game is extremely graphically intensive. However Antithesis on the Discord (don't know your RRU ping, else I'd @ you) suggested running it on the Bluestacks emulator. Huzzah, it works! Me being me, the first thing I do is read over the EULA, T&Cs, and Privacy Policy. Yes, all three. :P There's some interesting bits in there:

  • there is the potential for User Created Content, which, upon doing so, becomes the property of Gameloft
  • if you send them any suggestions they become Gameloft's ideas

but I don't think you came here to read the EULA.


By the way, I set up these screenshots with Greenshot. PrntScrn to draw a region, then Shift+PrntScrn to snap that same region. Hit down twice to go to (Save to directory) and ENTER and voila I have saved a screenshot!


After a short intro cutscene, the game throws you into it immediately, hopping you straight into a battle.




I'll get into the details of battling a little later, but for now you can see it operates on a turn-based battling system.


The game then goes back to the main menu. This is a pretty neat 3D menu. Characters you unlock will occasionally walk around, which is cool. You can't move around in this, but you can pan the camera side to side a bit.





As you can see it's asking me to Build this Campaign Board. This is pretty underwhelming: Majisto comes up, swishes his wand, and the bricks fountain into a building. I got a picture of the Guilds house (just offscreen) going swoosh. For something labelled "Build" I expected a little more, although TT's "building" minigames in Lego the Hobbit were an absolute chore and I hope never to see them again. So it's probably better this way.





Up there on the top left is my profile. Presumably this will be customizable later. However, at the moment the game just rolls you a random three-word name, and you can't select your profile picture. The "12" is my rank. This determines a) progression and also b) the max rank of your heroes. Basically all missions give out XP so leveling up is just a matter of time, nothing difficult.


You'll also see standard mobile game fare:

coins (used to occasionally buy things, level up characters, and level up abilities. Super easy to get and I haven't worried about them).

gems (rare, require paid money or given scantily in missions. I haven't spent any of mine because they're super hard to come by. Can be turned into coins, but not vice versa)

energy (otherwise known as stamina in other games. Playing missions costs stamina. It recharges at 1 every 3min which is pretty slow, but you also get it when you level up and from a bundle. So getting more is literally just waiting).


The Inbox on the left has a 99% chance of crashing my game, so you will continually see that it complains about unread emails. :P


Anyway, let's hop into the main meat of the game, the Campaigns (or the events) - the battling!





As you can see there are a couple of campaigns available. There are three at the moment - the second unlocked when I completed a good deal of the first. Let's click on one!





It's kinda cool that the game's levels are tiles on a clearly Lego board. There's occasionally branching missions but no real diversity which sucks.


Here you can see who I'll be fighting, as well as loot I get on first clear, as well as some loot I might get as well. Let's hop in!





In here I can select a bunch of things:

- a SET on the left. This is like a 'team bonus' of sorts. They're EXTREMELY hard to get.

- Characters! They're also extremely hard to get, and fortunately this is a battle that accepts any type of character. Other battles are EXPLORER only and I have no team variation there

- Guild Ally! Grab a friend from multiplayer. I used up my 3 slots for the day so we'll just have to pass.

Total power is measured in Awesomeness, which I find pretty cool.


Let's go! ... well, first there's a loading screen. These are pretty, contain useful tips about how the game works, and most of all have this memorable line:






If it's a campaign mission, we'll get some cutscenes. These can be pretty witty. However if you were hoping for a deep plot like the trailer revealed there... isn't one. Yet, anyway. It's still in Early Access.

The lack of a cohesive narrative really sucks. This isn't just in the cutscenes: the enemy parties you'll face just don't make any sense. Castle 2007 king + 2010 Kingdoms princes + Fright Knights Barnabus + 2007 Jester is okay if a mash but why are they fighting alongside skeleton healers and firemen???




Of particular note is that the game really plays up the ex- relationship between Willa and Majisto too much. Random lines like this are quite funny, but every one in three lines just... jars me.

There's no voice acting BTW. Just text and some quite nice animations.


The introductory animations - in fatc, all the animations - are really well done. Which I didn't snip. Anyway, here's the start of battle:




I have some buffs above my character's head thanks to my Set bonus. Minifigures have a ton of stats one of which is speed. This determines how fast the "Pep Meter" fills, which is the blue circle. As you can see, all of mine are nearly fully charge. This character charged first and gets to move. I have three moves: a single shot, a multi-shot that damages everyone, and a stealth buff. As it's turn based I can take as long as I like here, there's no mass-tapping, which is really nice.

Then time passes and whoever's pep charges up next to full gets to move, and so on and so on and so on and so on. This means that the turn order isn't totally fixed. There are also moves that can reduce Pep on an enemy opponent, although these are rare.


By far my favourite animation is the Hiker's healing spell:




Even has its own little jingle he plays ❤️


Oh, one more thing about battling.... it's, while not gory...




... there's definitely more than a smidgeon of guilt when the game is saying "Look at that low health girl displaying her wounded animation! When you click the ATTACK button, since it's the final character, the game will go into slow mo of her exploding into Lego pieces complete with death sound!"

I don't mind bashing skeletons (can do that all day!) or blatant villains  but... that's just... a bit.... much. Or maybe I was brought up to "not hit girls" too much. :P



The victory animations are also quite good. We then get all sorts of loot from winning!




From left to right:

- Gems. Used to buy things. Very rare and to be hoarded.

- Character cards. Use to build and Star Up characters. Getting enough to build is okay but Starring Up is super tedious. Character cards overall are extremely rare.

- Coins. Used for all sorts of things in such low amounts I'm effectively stockpiling. There are ways to burn them but I haven't bothered with that yet. :P

- XP for yourself. Levelling up your level controls the max rank of your heroes & opens up gameplay opportunities (eg Guilds only open at lvl 12)

- XP Scrolls. Used to level up your characters. Haven't ran out of these yet, either.

- Somethingsomething Coins. These are literally Coins Mk II, used for a different type of purchase. More useful overall as you can buy character cards with them, which you can't do with regular coins, but can do with gems.


- Any piece of "Gear." This will be covered in a bit.


I'll write up more thoughts on the battling in a separate Opinion post down below. Some initial bulletpoints:

- You are either overleveled & it's a sweep or underleveled & it's impossible

- Extreme potential for highly strategic play and absurd syngery

--- This is never executed due to extreme rarity of heroes and sets, as well as even the best strategy can't win if you're underleveled

--- Bonus bonus bonus effects (eg: +5% dmg for every debuff on target)

- Some abilities are useless

- I wish this was a paid PC game, it'd be so much more fun that way

- AI is absolutely awful


Bonus abilities include:

- Taunt. Functions utterly unlike Pokemon "Taunt" and much more like "Follow Me." If you use Taunt, until it's that characters' turn again, it will be the only one targetable by the enemy team.

- Stealth. Cannot be targeted unless no other targets are available

- Dodge. Less scummy that Pokemon evasion partly because all moves have an innate (90%?) chance to miss anyway.

- Heal over Time

- Assist.  When attacking, other party can chip in and do bonus damage (the amount of bonus damage is specified & variable)

- Doing bonus damage if the target has Taunt

- Doing bonus damage if hero types are on the field

There is an absolute ton of strategic potential but it's not usable due to the mobile game nature.

Also, if you got a Gold trophy on a level - which you get if you lose no teammembers in battle (don't worry, they come back for use in the next battle totally fine), if you want to grab the level's loot, you no longer need to actually battle the level. You can just click the button! This really helps speed things up.




By the way, the x5 remaining resets every day or so, so you can come back later.





So let's try to deck out our team shall we?


Well, aside from the fact that - unless you spend insane amounts of gems - character cards are EXTREMELY difficult to come by, the team building is very interesting.

In my early campaigning there was no team building to be done. I couldn't even fill the available 5 slots you can bring to battle, because I didn't have enough characters! This really sucks.


There are a lot of characters though, and I'm sure they'll be adding more.


Here's a character, the starting one and really quite good:




As you can see, there are a lot of really interesting strategic stats that all can be modified during battle, and there are more than just stat changes too. Here's how we can buff him:

1) Star Up. The most expensive way. I need 50 character cards to star him up. These are super rare: battles occasionally give you 2 character cards for winning for the first time. And only SOME battles have a a roughly 50% chance of giving ONE card. And collecting 50 character cards will only grant ONE star. Ugh......


2) Level Up. This uses XP Scrolls and Coins. You can only level up characters to your current maximum level.


3) Gear Up. See those + signs? Each character has a list of 6 items of equippable gear. They all grant minor stat buffs. Filling all six slots allows the character to Gear Up, which bakes the stat bonuses in and clears all the gear slots. This unlocks certain abilities - for instance, the kicking move unlocks at Gear 2.


So here's what a little more filled out character looks like:





There's a little more to the character system (Basic Pizza II, crafting gear), but that's mostly irrelevant and just waiting for stuff to drop.





Oh, one more thing, the shop. I don't use this much because most of the stuff is in gems and those are hard to come by and paid for by real money. But I did discover what the $NZ 169.99 item was!






Oh yeah, one more thing. It's a pretty useless feature, but when you build a Set (or a character, but the animation is much shorter) you get an animation of the pieces coming together. Neat, but sets are extremely rare, so it doesn't count for much.



Want to find out more? Just watch this person play the game:


No commentary, but you'll get a much better feel for what the game looks like, and he's the one who's played it the most. (There are very, very few people YTing this game, which I find a little weird).





CONCLUDING THOUGHTS: More information and a 'review' coming soon, but I wanted to get this out here first


- The game is fun and enjoyable. I enjoy playing it at the moment because my mental state is significantly damaged, and I'll likely start playing more strategic games soon. But in this significantly weakened state it's fun to play.


- The game has a TON, an absolute TON, of strategic potential with the synergy of abilities and sets and stats and buff moves aand... but you can't get any of this at any short notice.


- The game is, in its current state, pleasingly playable free. It's merely just a matter of booting up the game, clicking Loot a bunch of times on a level which might drop character cards, and coming back later.


- I very much wish this game was a paid PC game with DLC story expansions as then the mobile grinding aspect would go away entirely and the strategy would be so much more suited.

- I really wish it was a paid PC game

- I really, really, really wish it was a paid PC game. Gameloft, you listening?

- Lego strategy games are almost unheard of (only Lego Battles and that was highly obscure) and that, if nothing else, makes this game special.

- Have I said I wish it was a paid PC game yet?




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Lego Legacy Heroes Unboxed - an NZ Review - Text Heavy


The game is through and through a mobile game. Stamina, microtransactions, looting, lootboxes, and a very definite feeling of "why am I playing this?" - yup, all there.

One could argue that fundamentally all gaming is pointless, and perhaps by extension, all life is pointless 🤔 Although that is something I disagree with. Nevertheless, Lego Legacy Heroes Unboxed really brings out the worst in that feeling, which is why I've stopped playing it and don't think I'll pick it up again.



The game is very fun and charming for about the first five hours. There are characters to explore, a barebones plot to pursue, environments to enter, and fun things to see.


However you reach a point (about lvl 20) where there aren't new things to explore. This happens in every game, of course: the feeling of novelty wears off: and with other games, skill, variation, or simply fun fills that hole. And Lego Legacy could fill that box with insane strategizing. This has much more than the +atk, +def, +speed, that one might see in Pokemon: there's Grit to resist debuffs and Skill to apply debuffs, Assists where other characters assist for medium-ish damage, Taunt, Stealth, Heal Over Time, and all sorts of really interesting things that could really make a really interesting game.


However being a mobile game with microtransactions....


.... it's just not there.


I remember the last level of the first mini-campaign. I simply couldn't beat it. Despite my best efforts to work out what was important, focus fire them down, make the maximum usage of the multi-hit moves I had, I just couldn't win. Solution? Grind some other levels and come back.

This, by itself, isn't bad: most RPGs have a levelling feature and it can allow the player to get a sense of progression. However, two things in Lego Legacy make it very terrible:

- Once you've levelled and powered up you don't even need strategy. You can just smash through

- The levelling is simply a matter of menuing and waiting for energy to recharge. You don't even have to play the levels to get XP - you can click the "Loot" button.


I remember another level. It was quite cool, a 'boss fight' of sorts - you just fought one minifigure who was way stronger than your team. This was really interesting, but again, I couldn't beat it. I grinded a bit, leveled up, leveled up my characters, and went back, and then was able to beat it. It was fun, interesting, and tough.

However then I came back five levels later. But now my team was too powerful, and the boss, while still a little challenginge, was just a matter of clicking attack and clicking heal, with no strategy involved.


This is why I hate a levelling system. It prevents you from winning by clever moves, as any level can just be beaten by overlevelling. Furthermore, it also means past levels and experiences just can't be re-experienced, as you'll absolutely steamroll and it's just not even fun.



Furthermore, in Lego Legacy needing to power up just becomes the norm. It is a grindy type of game. This isn't actually bad as per se, but it means that my daily playing of Lego Legacy goes something like this:

1) Start game

2) Go to missions I'm trying to get character tiles for. Grind those by clicking the Loot button until out of energy type A.

3) Go to another batch of missions. Grind those, again with the Loot button/

4) Use a Brick Separator, open a Bag, probably just auto an Arena Battle, for the daily quests

5) Shut game

Notice something? No actual gameplay was had. Just menuing. This really feels pointless and I wonder "Why am I playing this?"


Furthermore, occasionally events pop up. At the moment I think The Cook is one or something. What happens in these is the following:

1) You roflstomp and one-shot all mobs on the first level. Congrats, you get some character cards.

2) You roflstomp and two-shot all mobs on the next level. Congrats, you get some more character cards.

3) You get roflstomped and one-shotted on the third level. There's absolutely no way for you to beat this without just grinding.

This makes the events extremely unfulfilling to play, as either you're overleveled or you're not. There have been very few levels which have been at my power level and I've felt adaquately challenged: possible, yet I have to be careful and strategic. This is good: there's just not nearly enough of it, and these levels are BY FAR the exception.


Occasionally I'll be able to Star Up a character, which is a massive power boost (much more than levelling up or Gearing up), and can probably complete one level. But in this new level it is the same background, the same enemies (they reuse thiungs to the point where it is very boring), and the same strategy.



Granted, I'm playing this free as it were, as I have no intention of spending on this game. :P That's the game's other issue - paying doesn't actually do anything. It just grants you Gems. But I get Gems anyway from daily quests & my Arena position, so paying doesn't do anything interesting beyond 'speed up the grind.' And the only thing I'm grinding for is to be able to power up so I can grind more faster? Yeah, that seems pointless.

The game is pleasingly playable free, but I suspect that'll change at launch.



There is one thing that a levelling system does that Lego Legacy does well: it unlocks later abilities. Take a look at this:




The 'shield' icon around the middle top of the screen is an ability I haven't unlocked. If I click on this, I can see its effects (quite cool: it's a Passive. At the start of Hiker's turn, he has a 25% chance to grant the hero with the lowest health Defense Up for 2 turns. The game has ton of neat effects like this). However I also can't use it, as it's locked behind Gear 2.


This is actually fine, and I like this system. Getting Gear is more tedious than anything else (like the rest of this game >.> ), and if you don't have a piece of gear, you can use the Brick Finder to find in what levels it might drop, and hit the Loot button until you get it. Collect all bits of gear for that character and you can Gear Up, which unlocks new abilities.....

... well, only sometimes. In this case Hiker gets a cool Passive when he gets to Gear 2, but Gears 3 4 and 5 (current max) don't grant anything interesting beyond a stat buff.


This also plagues the level up (you can see he's level 11) and the star (he's at 1 star, and I have 0/20 cards to star him up). Increasing these doesn't unlock any new abilities, any new moves, anything at all. It just increases his stats. This makes starring up a character, even after I've grinding the 20 cards (which is very slow), EXTREMELY unrewarding as all you get is a +stat increase that allows you to move to the next stage. At which point you will beat it, come to the next stage, and find you can't and need to grind another 20 cards - no, wait, it's now 30 because of course everything increases with level. :(


But wait, there's one more form of buffing your characters! See those 1 in square boxes next to the abilities? Yep, those can be upgraded using Ability Elixirs! Except by and large a) Ability Elixirs are very easy to get and b) the results aren't very spectacular. About half the time they're a boring "+5% damage" and the other half are more interesting, eg: "-1 cooldown time" , "20% chance to inflict Dodge Down" , "Additional +20% damage against CITY heroes." But they don't really change much and just grant you a little bit more power.



However, the game is not terrible. I'll list some good things it does... and then some bad things that counteract that as the argument isn't complete without them.


- The animations are very well done and each character is charming.

--- It's then a shame that you get so used to the team (did I mention getting new characters is impossible early game (no, not "very difficult," impossible - no early nodes drop character tiles) and you have absolutely no choice about your team till about lvl 20?), that you've seen them all and put the game on 3x speed

--- It's also a shame that the enemies are reused and reused and reused and reused and reused and reused and you've seen everything before 90% of the time.


- The game has multiplayer, where you can battle the teams of other players!

--- Except it's not really "PVP" and instead the enemy team is taken over by the AI. This is really disappointing.

--- Also, see the point about new characters above? Yeah, everybody's basically rocking the same team up until about lvl 30. Which makes them very uninteresting to fight.


- The game also has Guilds and Shared Heroes

--- Except these suck and do absolutely nothing apart from the above. There isn't even a Kick function for the Guild Owner. Granted,  this will change as the game gets developed, but it still sucks.


- Gearing up to unlock new abilities is very rewarding

--- Sometimes the abilities are so bad, especially in the AI hands, that I'd rather not want them

--- Not all gearing up grants a new ability (very few do! see Hiker above)

--- Leveling up doesn't do anything beyond stat changes


- Set build animations are very pretty and nice to watch

--- But you see them super rarely (I've only ever built 4 sets and I'm at lvl 29ish)

--- And they don't matter much in the game anyway



This is why I wish the game was a paid PC game. This would kick it into the 'strategy gaming' market and off the 'mobile grind P2W game' market. The game has a ton of interesting synergistic potential especially with its debuffs. Like:

- There's an ability that if it crits inflicts Stunned, which makes the minifigure skip its turn (very powerful). There's also a hero who has an ability that ensures the next hit will be a crit. Hmmm!

--- except you can't get that second hero for waaaaaay later in the game

- You can upgrade an ability to have a chance to inflict Dodge Down. That same character can be upgraded deals bonus damage to heroes with Dodge Down.

- Inflicting Discouraged, which clears pep (the turn meter) on next hit, and then somebody assisting for exactly that hit, is glorious. Good thing the Pirate Set enables Redbeard to do exactly that.

- Certain characters have a chance to Counter for some damage when hit. This means you want to hit them with as few, high-power, attacks as possible.

- Taunt and Stealth are very interesting and prevent the game from becoming "focus fire down one unit, then go onto the next one"

--- Shame the AI can't use them for peanuts (seriously)


Also, given the... uh... controversy... around Pokemon Sword and Shield, a game like this is in a prime position to strike at that turn-based-battling strategic niche with a franchise aimed at small children yet allows older, more strategic and competent players, to also have a blast putting things together. Add in proper multiplayer and you're golden!


I could also then see DLC expansions. Instead of the current idea, where the next plot is to go bash person X, it could be a branching series of adventures that, if you wanted the characters for, you'd get that DLC. So off you go to Planet U to fight a whole bunch of Rock Raiders and get Chief.

Currently, the method of getting characters is by very tedious grinding character cards. I could see a system where, when you beat the boss and his entourage, you get that character. Bam, done.


I would also abolish the level and star system, but keep the gear and ability up system. This is because if you were to go into a next adventure with your high-leveled characters, you'd totally stomp them: and that's what happens in events now. Preventing absurd powering up like that allows those early missions to still be interesting. But Gear and Abilities ensure that your developed characters do actually have an edge over ones new to your team. This would keep a sense of character power growing without it ever being enough.


I could also see a system where you choose 10 heroes but only 5 can be on the field at any given time but you can swap them out, as 5 feels very restrictive quite often, but that's a more radical idea.


... But it's currently none of that. It's just an uninteresting Lego grindfest, where the point of grinding isn't even to see new stuff, it's just to be able to grind faster.



The game has one saving grace: the grind doesn't really start setting in till lvl 15. So if you have a phone that can run it - or just run it on Bluestacks - it's worth picking up and playing it until you start to get bored with it: don't try and think "oh, if I get through this boring bit there'll be more interesting stuff ahead!" because there really isn't at the moment, and due to the nature of the game, I doubt there will ever be.




One final thing: it's likely that more, cool, characters will be added. Possibly even Chief.

I don't care. If it's going to be grindy and unrewarding to unlock them I don't care.





The game crashes very specifically on Bluestacks (for multiple people) if you open the Shop to the Bundles section, and if the Inbox is on a letter without a reward. The former can be bypassed by clicking on the + next to Gems on the main menu, which takes you to a different section of the shop. The latter is just checking your Inbox every two days to hope that one with a reward lands on top. 


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