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How the Ultra Shortcuts works in LEGO Racers?

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I'm somewhat confused about how the ultra shortcuts work in LR

What I mean about Ultra Shortcut: The type of shortcut which lets players cheat the invicible checkpoint system and get laps without driving the intended route. This is done in LR driving at some point A of the track, then go reverse at some point B if the track and drive to the right way and when you go on the checkerboard line you'll get lap. Rince and repeat and you'll finish some races very fast.

I don't like use them usually because it breaks the game totally. I only use them if I try to be a my own life speedrunner or I want to mess up in the game somehow.

However I encountered strange behavior of these: I remember when I was playing on 2001 version of the game they worked fine. I have said before that I don't have that build of the game currently but I have the 1999 version. In 1999 version these Ultra Shortcuts doesn't work! Mindblowing? It was for me :P 


But I have the question to our Dear Modders: Is there logical explanation why these Ultrashortcuts works in first place and why they work on the later version and not the original? Why I feel that the 01 version is more broken?


If you don't get what I mean then I'll give you this link: 


In this Speedrun: DFD, MMM, DAD, TIT, PSP and ATT are the "victims" of this Ultra Shortcut shenanigan.

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