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Play As A Martian Official

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I've seen some people ask if there is a way to play as a Martian through some of the modding topics! I Have the answer which is Yes AND No.

Yes being It is Possible to play as a martian Through The Modding And No Being The Martian Models That Are Playable Arent Character Models HOWEVER They Are Attached to Hover Car Models!

About A Year Ago I've Uploaded A Video About Modding Background Cars As Brick Pieces for the cars to use. Heres the video:


The way this was put together I have replaced one of the weird pieces with the purple hover car that flies around in one spot. during this time I couldnt find a way to get rid of the chassis and the driver BUT I found out it is possible to replace the chassis MD2 fiole with other MD2 models (mostly being a black 2x4 plate} but the Driver Clipped Through the Purple Hover car model.

Just a few days ago I was doing this as a joke and decided to make an invisible car BUT in order for the invisible car to work i needed to have an invisible piece as well.

Heres the video to that:


Using Gimp I Simply copied one of the colors (col_beige to be specific) took that wand tool and deleted the color so it ended up being transparent or invisible. exported that png, converted it into a bmp, converting that bmp into a tga, renaming tga to mip, did some hex editing and compiled the invisible texture in the GTC file leaving this as the result.


I Later had a thought of what an invisible driver would look like after i made the invisible car! using player 2's textures I ended up doing the same thing as I did with the car textures but it took longer since i had to make each face invisible as well including some hex editing on the head model which ended up causing this to happen

Video on the Invisible Driver Here:


This turned out pretty cool and what makes this better is I Have modded KITT (Knight Rider) And Herbie (1967 VW Beetle from a Disney Series of 6 movies) which the video on Herbie will come soon. I for some reason had the thought "What would happen if the invisible driver took a spin out on the Invisible Car"? sure enough it looked like an interesting spectator mode when it looks like its just the camera that moves.

With changing a specific piece i never really use with the Purple Hover Car I Have placed the hover car on the Invisible car chassis and took the Invisible Driver out with that hover car attached which ended up causing this video to happen:


So Is The Martian A Playable Character Now? Still Yes And No. You Are Still The Invisible Driver Driving The Invisible Car With The Purple Hover Car Model Attached onto the hover car. The Reason Why I Dont Wanna Include a download for this is because if I have the purple hover car replace a CCD (premade car) file the CPU driver will clip through the model. eventually i may include the download without a CCD file BUT if you want the hother hover cars or even a drivable dingy be in your game I will sometime have a tutorial topic on here for that. 

Hope the ones who have been asking about the Martians helpful :)  for now! Sunchipp Out

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