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Knightmare-athon ported to Mario Kart DS

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This is a direct port of the original Knightmare-athon model extracted from the game, ported into Mario Kart DS. The vertex colors are the same as they are in the original, although I had to manually assign the materials to each vertex as the .ply exporter tool does not support materials. I finished this port a while ago, but I had forgotten to post it here. You might notice that the UV's on the mountain material are misaligned, and this is due to the vertex offset limit of the DS. Because of this, I had to remap it, but everything besides that material is completely original. For clarity, it is possible to modify the checkpoints in Mario Kart DS, but I did not do so here as the course would never work on a real DS (the original course model is about 6000 tris when the limit of displayable tris onscreen at once is 2048 for the DS).

The music is edited over the video, but thanks to the N64 using real-time sequences for the music, it is theoretically possible to actually port the original song over by extracting the samples and sequence from the game.

(BTW, if this is in the wrong subforum, please move it, mods.)

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