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Pass the Torch

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I came up this idea by my own but honestly I didn't viewed EVERY SINGLE game which is currently on so I apogolise if this is just knock off from some other game

In this game there's us carrying the torch and we have to pass it each other. But it's not that easy: everyone meets some kind of hazard in their way! The next person tries to think the way how to encounter it that our torch doesn't exhaustion itself. Use your imagination and rich the story ;) I don't care how you describe things but ctrl+v things might help the newcomers and people which aren't good at English (like me :DD). Here's example:



First post:
Cpt. Redbeard got the torch!

On his way he found: Huge river

next/all other posts:
Cpt. Redbeard found a boat and rowed himself across the river. He almost dropped the torch but his loyal parrot grapped it and gave it back.

He meets King Kahuka and passed torch to him!

On King Kahuka's way he found: Angry Islanders


General rule is that torch can't be exhausted and it never run out the fuel. That helps this game to run as far it can


I'll update the rules if there's something I din't bring up clearly or there's grey areas :)

Are we good? Let's start!!

Jugebox98 found the burning torch and he started to carrying it.

On Jugebox98's way he found: Rock Monster's Cave

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Fortunately Rock Monsters are scared of bright lights, so they all hid in the shadows and watched the flaming torch pass by. Jugebox98 made it to the Support Station and passed over the torch to aidenpons whilst eating sandwiches.


Aidenpons took the torch along, but the tunnel had been blocked by a landslide.



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