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Tunnel Tranpsort Minigame: Download Available!

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I created a Rock Raider Minigame called Tunnel Transport Minigame. I need to fix it up a bit but I will hopefully soon post it so that you can play it.

You fly around a cavern, collecting 24 crystals at different levels of difficulty. You try to stay away from the walls as they will bounce you away and take off health. It has a Main Menu, music from the Playstation Rock Raiders game, and cheat codes.

You can also find ore that will boost your health.


I am aiming to create several other Rock Raider Minigames. You can suggest ideas on this thread:


Have Fun!


Download Links:



Copyrights? < Someone correct me if I don't have to do this.


Rocks font <https://www.dafont.com/rocks-g.font

Tunnel Transport model, Bat model and Walls texture are from the Baz's mod Wads, rendered by me.

Crystal and Ore models are from https://mecabricks.com/


If I don't need to list those things it would be helpful for somebody to correct me.


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This is cool, the physics are fun but the bounce might be a bit too much with those narrow openings at places... but maybe that's the point? ;) if you'd like to expand it, rescue missions and the likes might be interesting (The PS game could be inspiration)

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1 hour ago, baraklava said:

but maybe that's the point?

It is the point


Try and find out the cheat codes! You can find a hint if you hover your mouse over the cheat code box.


If I do continue it I will probably add a highscores box in the main menu. Only of your highscores, not everybodies.


I probably won't do much more on it, since I did want to create several RR minigames. You can suggest ideas on this thread:


I'm thinking a platformer would be really cool.



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