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Manic Miners: A complete remake of Lego Rock Raiders (Playable now!)

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Hiya! This has been cooking for 2.5 months now, so I think it's time to reveal what I'm been working on: A complete, uncompromising rebuild of Lego Rock Raiders!


It's currently in Alpha development but is frankly more robust than any RR project before it, from what my testers have said. Take a look at the overview below:



I'm using Trello to keep track of development and other things.


Here's some more information on the project, taken from the Trello:


If you have played the original Rock Raiders game and just want to jump right in without reading the project backstory and explanations, here are some quick notes:

- The game is programmed by one person. Please respect that implementations, however easy they are to implement, might take time.

- Resources have physics. They'll roll. If they roll into lava or water, they are gone. This will not happen in the upcoming Difficulty options, but until then: Take care where you put your buildings!

- Clicking a wall doesn't colour it immediately. They'll have a "token" showing you commanded a drilling etc there. They'll turn coloured *when a miner is approaching the wall*. 

- Resources are dispensed on demand, not when you order a building.

- The AI is still in its infancy: You will find hundreds of ways the AI can be improved to make smarter decisions, many of which I'm aware but just haven't had time to implement. 1) This will grow over time, 2) Don't treat it too much like an idle game: you can command them to do stuff yourself, you know! 

- Report bugs on the Discord, as that is where the latest builds are shared. You can check the Trello or ask for the bug before posting, but it's fine if you report something that's already a known issue.
That's it, you are now ready to jump into the game!

- The game is far from feature complete. You will be missing stuff like vehicles and monsters, but the miners are very functional, as well as building construction. It indubitably has some bugs, but not more than the original, and at this point I need your help to find them!

- The game runs in debug mode during Alpha. You might get some messages that doesn't make sense, which either means I've forgot to remove them or they indicate something is wrong.

- Some older hardware can not run the game at all. I need a larger sample size to figure out why that is. IF YOU ENCOUNTER THIS AND SOLVE IT, MESSAGE ME YOUR SOLUTION. I'll add it to the Troubleshooting section (which currently doesn't exist).


Download links: 

OneDrive link (start immediately)

Dropbox link

RRU download


Resource links:

Trello  (my development progress)

Discord (active daily discussion AND weekly in-progress builds)

Subreddit (active daily)

Facebook page (not very active, but will announce major updates)


Now, some quick questions:


What is this?

Manic Miners is a rebuild of the 1999 game Lego Rock Raiders. It has been in development since late May 2019 and is programmed by a single person; Baraklava.


Is this game sponsored by The Lego Group?

This game has nothing to do with The Lego Group, although I definitely wish I worked for them! 


Why are you doing this project? For money???

It's for fun! And no, it will be free!


Where can I download it?

The links are above!


Full information dump can be found here


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I've been granted super special early access happened to hop on the right server at the right time knew some people honestly I don't know how I got involved with this earlier than the rest of RRU did. By LRR remake standards this one has already come extremely far - very clever miner AI (more clever than the original game in so many dimensions already), support of hidden caverns, barriers, and actually buildable buildings. No threats are in, but the game is at a sufficient state that it's actually fun to play, instead of merely just trying to poke holes in it & find content. So I'm excited to see it continue. :)



Also, I made a map convertor which would accept LRR maps (Surf + Dugg + Cror + High) and then spit them out in an MM-friendly format. Making the level data human readable was a good call, Baraklava. :P Shove the resulting file under ManicMiners\Data\Levels, rename it to .dat instead of .txt, edit the biome type by hand, load it up in the in-game editor for objectives + starting units, and go!

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This is epic, great work, especially the usability changes you've made like the icons on the drill walls. Neat upscaling job on the textures too!

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On 9/19/2019 at 3:46 PM, Mikkel246 said:

Holy s***! this is next level remake 😮

I love it 

Thank you! :) 


Perhaps a status update is in order:

Development is currently fairly slow because of school, but I've implemented all buildings and now working on the Power System, which powers up nicely since yesterday. Pre-test builds should be available in the coming weeks!




I'm on the Discord every day so make sure to join it! (I see you already did) Also check the Trello "Buildings Update" page for what I plan to include!

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You can now try out a snapshot build (in-progress build) of the Buildings Update, with buildings and Power Paths, by going to my Discord! Snapshot builds will be exclusively shared there as their intention is to allow for quick feedback so that I can fix bugs. Posting snapshot links here would make them obsolete quickly as they can be updated very frequently

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The fact alone, that your game doesn't randomly crash* or contains the RRIS** is a really important aspect for me :).

Also: It's already playable and the graphics look nice.


My only possible suggestions for improvements would be stuff like moving on the map by moving the mouse cursor to the border of the screen or keyboard shortcuts for stuff like drilling the wall (maybe close to other keys like the one for teleporting Rock Raiders down).

*I tested a base with hundreds of Rock Raiders (around 370) and I didn't even encounter low framerates. That could be partially due to my computer and the game engine, but it's still great.
**(Rock Raider Idle Syndrome, yay for made up medical terms)

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Manic Miners keeps marching forward at an unrelenting pace! The Buildings Update should be out in a matter of weeks.


This week I've done a major overhaul of settings, implemented Electric Fences, added the Air meter and some other UI stuff, as well as simplified the Level Editor and *tons* of other stuff that takes too much time to describe! Instead, I suggest you jump into my Discord Channel and try out the latest build for yourself!



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