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Pre-Rendered Cutscenes HD Upscaling

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I spent the good part of my morning up-scaling the pre-rendered cut-scenes of Lego Racers 2 into an HD format more suitable for modern displays. I finished the up-scaling work but I kept getting stuck after the first video and couldn't get the videos to play. If you look at the screenshots of the video you can see the impact left by the up-scaling.


What you can see above is are the several passes I did to make the video look more modern. The left is untouched, the middle is the first pass (de-noise/cleanup), and the right is the final with cropping and MXAA32X. I uploaded a video with all of the scenes if you want to check them out and I'll leave a download to the videos if anyone wants to try to get them working. If you can help please let me know.

The spoiler is all the cut-scenes in case you want to see them or hide them to find them organically.



(I had to use drive because the file was too large.)



In case you wanted to see a glitchy Racers 2, here you go.




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