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Unused characters locked

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I have Lego Star wars: The complete saga, when I put some unused characters and the extra toggle characters in collection.txt, they are locked when I open up the game and I can't play as them. Is there a way to fix this?


Also, is there a way to rename a character?

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You can't make a character unlock automatically, so you have to make them unlockable either through the shop, or through story. For both methods, I recommend using a new save.

Adding characters to the shop can be a bit unstable for pre-existing save data, but for new saves there should be zero problems. I'm also not sure if you can make a character cost 0 studs, I haven't tested that myself for some reason. One major problem with this method is that the shop is limited to 100 characters (plus Indy, he's labeled as a "story" unlock for some reason and thus does not count towards this 100 character limit), so you'll need to rely on the second method if you want to add a lot of characters.


When you make a character unlockable through the story, you also have to add them to a level and beat it for the first time (meaning if you have a save that's beaten every level, this isn't an option and you'll have to resort to the shop option, which will be unstable). They'll unlock just like any other story character would. This video gives an in-depth explanation on unlocking characters this way. I linked the timestamp where he starts talking about making the characters unlockable, since I don't think you want to see him talking about adding in new characters (yet). Up to 7 characters can be unlocked per level, excluding Negotiations which allows unlocking up to 8. You basically just mark the character as "story" in COLLECTION.TXT and add them as "player" characters in a level, then beat that level to unlock them. You can unlock ships in normal levels and normal characters in ship levels without issue... given you can beat the level of course. I can't promise putting ships in normal levels will always go well :P


All the text is located in .../STUFF/TEXT/ENGLISH.TXT. Just edit that file to rename characters.

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