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I made some LEGO Racers songs in Midi format

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Hello everyone!

I asked earlier help to get LEGO Racer N64 songs in midi format and I'm truly thankful for that. I now have "fixed" some of those songs and I want to share my results.

My goal was to make them sound like the original song. Of course because I'm not perfect and some midi files were "different" some songs doesn't sound right. I didn't also make every single song because I believe people doesn't care about Circuit Champions intro's or some minor jingles. it was little bummer that N64 files doesn't have Alternative songs in it so I couldn't make them into midi.

I'm not sure about the policies linking to other sites but I'll put link to those midis. It will direct you to mediafire and for my knowledge it's safe place to upload/download stuff.

Get your midis:

If you have any questions or you notice some errors please notify me. I'll check can I do something about that :)

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Excellent!  I'll have to add this to my collection of video game MIDI files.

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