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Running LEGOLAND on Virtualbox Windows XP

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I've been trying to get what Lego games I still own from way back when installed for my nieces and nephews to play when they come over. 



After running the installation from the CD, following through with DirectX add-on, game starts but immediately becomes black screen and can hear error pop up noise. Hitting ENTER, ATL-F4, or ESC clears black screen, returning to desktop. 


-----------HOST system------------

Emachines ET1810-03R 

Dual Core Pentium E2210 64Bit

NVIDIA C73 GeForce 7100/nForce 620i 

Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa 

4 GB Ram


---GUEST (Virtualbox) system:---

Windows XP SP3 

X86-Based PC 

X86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6 Genuine Intel ~2200Mhz

1 GB VRam


----------STEPS TAKEN ----------

- Installed Oracle VM Virtualbox Guest Additions, including Direct 3D which had to be done via SAFE MODE. 

- Enabled the "... 3D Acceleration" tick box in the DISPLAY section of the VirtualBox settings for this VM System 

- Changed the display settings in the Windows XP portion to 800x600 with 16bit color. 

- Tried running in compatability mode for Windows 98/2000

- Tried using a 32 bit installer as recommended in a separate forum post on RRU, versus the 16 bit (I'm assuming) that comes pre packed in the CD. 


-----------NOTES ----------

- From what I understand or read that others have seen... The error noise could be coupled with a error regarding 3D Graphics Accelerator not initializing or something similar, however I can't see the error as the screen is all black. 

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Is there any solution to this? I'm getting the exact same issue.

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