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Improvements Pack 1.2

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The idea of this mod is to make LRR less annoying to play whilst still keeping that vanilla feel, in addition to enabling various lost content - and ensuring stability.


I'm well aware that this is not the first of its kind to be completed. Nevertheless, my goal is slightly different from those two:

  • a couple of long-standing bugs can be fixed
  • the goal is full compatibility with literally anything, adding as little as is possible
  • making the game less rage-inducing to play

I'm also aware of my previous mod, Monster's Revenge: however that had a much grander scope than this, and as a result it has been rather slow to make progress on. I have not forgotten it!


So, what does this do?



  • Better priorities
  • Less annoying monsters
    • most notably slugs
  • Better quality-of-life (notifications no longer reset game speed)
  • Lava notification
  • Enabled lost content
    • Pilot idle animations
    • Spiders, Snakes, and Scorpions
  • Less annoying level design
    • Recharge Seams
    • No rubble all the way on the other side of the map (Water Works, Hot Stuff)
    • Random landslides are entirely disabled

Images in spoilers:









A detailed list:



  • Maps have been tweaked or edited to be less annoying.
    • There is now a Recharge Seam in Back to Basics and many other levels
    • Crystals have been moved around in several maps (Hot Stuff had a bad case of crystal depletion)
    • Tiles of rubble on the other side of the map are no longer a thing (Hot Stuff and Water Works)
    • The lava cavern in Air Raiders has been removed
  • Monster parameters have been tweaked
    • This is solely to make the game a little more fun to play.
      • For instance, not only are monsters no longer OHKO'd but slugs take higher damage and can be frozen
      • Keep in mind that every DDI slug script has a check for slugs on level, and that includes frozen slugs: allowing you to halt the endless horde of Back to Basics
    • Bats no longer scare
  • Unused Pilot idle animations are enabled, including a saxophone
  • Spiders, Snakes, and Scorpions are functional and can be plonked via .ol or via your own maps
  • Notifications (eg a landslide has occured!) no longer reset game speed
    • A new notification for erosion
  • Lasers are usable, but not overpowered, and drilling machines are still better
  • All levels start with a set of sensible priorities (with no replies to the contrary I could only go off what I thought!)
    • The Construction priority has been replaced with Build Path
  • The Small Digger no longer drives like a drunk, but the Hover Scout does
    • Both of these units no longer require the Support Station
  • Granite Grinder drills faster, Loader Dozer is cheaper and moves faster when upgraded



  • The Teleport Pad now uses the Teleport Pad icon
  • The Laser Beam will never delete all your crystals (a very rare bug)
  • The Support Station no longer has a somewhat transparent drill logo on top
  • All levels now use Surf.map , Dugg.map file naming conventions as opposed to Surf_01.map, Dugg_01.map . This will make it significantly easier to overwrite these levels. File naming for object li
  • All PTL files now point to Levels\NormalPTL,ptl


I do not want to add the Tunnel Transport on the grounds that it either deletes all your raiders or crashes the game: furthermore, it's almost entirely useless for most LRR levels. I will probably make a separate mod, which is thus less stable, that adds it.


  • this bulletpoint won't go away



Future Work:

  • Tweaking remaining levels:
    • Adding Recharge Seams
    • Writing own slug scripts
    • Synchronised monster invasion for levels that deserve it (eg Lava Laughter, Rocky Horror)
      • This will probably be a separate mod
    • Levels 1 -> 10 are mostly unmodified, although these are the least broken ones
    • Erosion parameters
  • More parameter tweaking
    • Crystal cost of various vehicles
    • Nerfing Small Digger overpoweredness
  • Camera values need tweaking but Cyrem already did that in CE



It is designed to be used alongside Community Edition ( @Cyrem and perhaps included by default? :P).


> Download! Put in your mods folder for Cafeteria and hit Enable.

Compatible with literally anything: that's its point.


Don't want Cafeteria or can't use it? I also made it for the Data Method (if you want to integrate it along your own mod) or the WAD method (if you just want to plug your WADs straight onto an installation and play). > Download!

(N.B. ^ was last updated for v1.0.)



This has not been entirely my own work, and several people contributed to this, even if they are unaware they did so:

  • @Slimy Slug explained the Build Power Path priority and also researched which other ones might be useful (=> none of them)
  • @Cirevam explained how to make monsters killable (in a thread long ago) and I also copied the erosion notification straight from Time Raiders
  • @Jessietail for getting me initially interested in Spiders, Snakes, and Scorpions long, long ago
  • @Cyrem for the fantastic forum, fantastic tools, and gobsmackingly amazing Community Edition
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Sorry this is a bit late, but what happened to the Community Edition? I can't seem to find a main topic or working link anywhere...

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To co-incide with Community Edition being released, I tidied up my next batch of changes and present to you v1.2! (I don't know where v1.1 went :P)



  • More level changes. You shouldn't notice any of these, that's the point of this :P Stuff like:
    • Erosion tweaks
    • Recharge Seam on all non-earlygame levels
    • Changes to Fall.map where walls were begging to be landslided (eg: Explosive Action)
    • major changes to Water Lot of Fun as I felt that map was exceedingly poorly done. You now actually have to build on the other side of the river. See Water Lot of Fun II for an even more challenging variant.
  • New lava notification! (see below). Comes with sound too, taken from one of the briefings.
  • Some levels (eg: A Breath of Fresh Air) now use the InitalOxygen property from CE. That's a lovely addition Cyrem :star:
  • Sounds for Small Ice Monsters & Small Rock Monsters, made by putting the "Small" from "Small Spider" next to the "Rock Monster." Sounds kinda bad but hey it's a sound and it always annoyed me that there wasn't one
  • minor adjustments to various parameters (landslides, oxygen rate, weapon damage)

Pretty pictures:





^ notice how oxygen doesn't start at full









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