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LEGO Island Rebuilder

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LEGO Island is one of my favorite childhood games and I thought it'd be a fun project to do some hacking/modding. I've consolidated all my patches so far into one tool: the LEGO Island Rebuilder. It's a LEGO Island launcher/mod tool that currently does the following things:




* Set turn and movement speeds. If you're sick of turning too fast on modern PCs, use this to slow it down to a more sane speed (or turn up the movement speed to cheat in races).

* Set windowed/full screen mode without editing the registry/administrator privileges (software rendering modes only)

* Keep the game active even when defocused (windowed mode only)

* Extract and insert music. No sound effects yet, but all music can be replaced with other music of any length or quality.

* Doesn't require administrator privileges to run

* Patches at runtime - doesn't permanently modify any files.

* Can redirect LEGO Island's save files to %APPDATA% so the game doesn't require administrator privileges either (September build only)

* Supports Windows 98+ (requires .NET Framework 2.0)


Obviously this is a work-in-progress (and your mileage may vary depending on your setup), but check it out if you're interested in LEGO Island! http://itsmattkc.com/rebuilder

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Mr. Skeltal

I have been keeping an eye on progress on this tool for a good bit.

Glad to see it up publically for all to use and enjoy.

I tested the tool myself, and it works perfectly. This, combined with ZANTHERA's video on how to run the game in HD make for the definative way to play the game on modern systems.

Thank you for all of the time you have spent making the tool. I look forward to future update's.

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Great! Now I have an excuse to actually get LI1 working on my machines again.... it kinda broke when I was fiddling with some of the parameters :P


Nice stuff!

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Wonderful tool! This makes the races so much better!


Was trying out the music injection and I can't seem to get it to work: replacing any track causes all music to go silent. Have you encountered this before? I'm trying to reproduce what causes it, but it seems to do the same regardless.

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