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HD Texture Pack

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Lift your Lego Island to the next level.


HD Font for German Version (somehow the font file in the german version has a lot more characters): https://mega.nz/#!w5RDhaiJ!MhanP6MRE5lq9nJLhwdpwdMSeC_8CK6uRSbyKIrhY60

The font Balloon12 was upscaled by 8 with wifu2x (Settings are the same as for the textures) and the downscaled with GIMP for Balloon24.


HD Texture Pack (only tested with the German version): https://mega.nz/#!c4ACiQYI!ILA2jq_veMz2t1HuZeOfeszz0Mk1-38PwN_VYtVikD0


Attention! Uncompressed data uses 2GB of disc space


The textures have been upscaled by 4


Used tools:

- waifu2x-caffee for upscaling

Settings tga: Output Quality 1; Denoise & Magnify; Level 3; Set rate 4; 2-D illust (UpRGB Model); Use TTA; Split size 128; Batch Size 10

Settings png: Output depth bits 8; Denoise & Magnify; Level 3; Set rate 4; 2-D illust (UpRGB Model); Use TTA; Split size 128; Batch Size 10

- LI2GE and LI2TA to export and rebuild .wib files

- LI2 Extractor and LI2Explorer to fix .bod files that LI2GE couldn't read properly

- GIMP with BIMP to flip images upside down for .wib files


A lot of files got really good, some files could need a manual touch up, so feel free to contribute.


All Files are compatible with the LI2ModManager, please be patient when activating the texture pack, it can take a few minutes.









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