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Hover Scout Upgrade

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I'll let the images speak for themselves:
EDIT: RRU can sometimes be broken? There should be three images. If they are broken, just view the full version here.







(Spliced into three parts because it was over the file size. Perhaps simply scaling it down would have been a better call... but I didn't want to pixelate anything. Single image version available here. Let me know if I should do anything!



Download here!



The Hover Scout can now:

- carry one resource

- clear rubble

off the bat. In addition, it can be upgraded to:

- drill walls

- go faster

- have a laser and scanner

And for no crystal cost!


Installation instructions are in the download, but I'll repeat them in brief here:

1) Download and unzip.

2) Merge the Vehicles folder in the download with the existing Vehicles folder.

3) Paste the relevant cfg code inside: not only is there stuff for Hoverboard { but I also had to define a smaller laser, which needs defining under UpgradeTypes

Bonus: (instructions provided)

4) Edit the Dependencies so the Hover Scout can be teleported as soon as your Teleport Pad is powered

5) Edit the laser values so it can actually shoot things.



This was all done in Notepad++. I will write technical explanation later. In short, add nulls to the end of the .lws file by hand and define them in the .ae. Drill nulls, carry nulls, bucket nulls (solely graphical but look nice), deposit nulls (not always defined and needed to dump things in the Power Station / Ore Refinery). Generally find something that does what you want and copy it :P



Infrequently Asked Questions:



Q: There's a carry upgrade. Why not have it upgrade to carrying?

A: I tried. And I failed. If you can solve that, please let me know! So instead it just carries off the bat.


Q: Why can't it reinforce, shoot monsters automatically, pick up studs, pick up barriers or use dynamite?

A: No vehicle can do this. There is no more functionality I can add to the Hover Scout that isn't just extending it (more lasers, more carry space...). This is the limit of what a vehicle can do. I highly recomend not using the Ore Refinery with this, as that means the Hover Scouts can carry ore as building materials.


Q: Why does all the stuff disappear when the Hover Scout is hit by a monster?

A: Because I haven't added nulls to all the hit animations. Don't worry, the game won't crash, and they'll come back when the hit animation stops.


Q: Why only carry one and not drill Hard Rock?

A: I wanted them to be a raider platform: something from which you can do everything a raider can do. So no Hard Rock and only carry one.


Q: The laser looks stupid!

A: Well, it is scaled down. I assure you, the full-size variant looks even worse. :P Don't worry: just don't upgrade their Scan capacity. Who needs scanners, anyway!


Q: Compatible with High-Poly Hover Scout?

A: Perhaps. I haven't tried, partly because some of the links are dead. In any case, we know LRR doesn't like oodles of polygons hanging around.


Q: Can I change anything? Like 0 crystals is a bit cheap, and the upgrades are a little expensive. And the laser doesn't do what I want quickly enough.

A: Go ahead! Editing these values is pretty easy, and pretty self-explanatory (if English is your first language, of course!). The section Pilot { in the .cfg has a nice amount of comments to explain things.


Q: How many times did the game crash when doing this?

A: If you exclude the carry upgrade shenigans, actually very few :P


Q: Why two chainsaws and not one central chainsaw?

A: I wanted only one, but turns out that the chainsaws only exists for two and three; there is no "one chainsaw." I got lost in the .lws files that defined how many chainsaws there were when trying to make my own, so just stuck with using the existing two.



Thanks to alan and Cirevam in this topic.

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You've outdone yourself O.O. And with that advertising why would I need any other vehicle other than a swam of upgraded hoverscouts...


Do you do deals if I pay by credit card? :P

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On 3/4/2019 at 1:35 AM, Cyrem said:

You've outdone yourself O.O.

Thank you! I was quite surprised to find all this could be done reasonably easily in Notepad++ ; no need for Lightwave or anything! If the .cfg carry shenanigans is taken out of the picture, only half the time was spent adding nulls; the rest was just cfg tweaking and pointing out the upgrades in the .ae.


And with that advertising why would I need any other vehicle other than a swam of upgraded hoverscouts...

That's the plan: these become your standard raiders. No need to eat, clear rubble and pick up the resulting ore, not terrified by bats... these are very much an upgrade to your standard raider.


You will need something to drill Hard Rock though; as a consolation for "no dynamite" I'm considering giving them the ability to drill Hard Rock; but you can get multiple (>10) Hover Scouts to drill something and it'll go down in seconds :P 


Do you do deals if I pay by credit card?


Hover Scouts Ltd (a branch of Grammar-Nazis Incorporated) is currently unable to take internet transactions. However, should you want to contribute, our profits would be going towards a worthy cause. This charity identifies Rock Raiders in need of help, which can arise because of unemployment from the devastating Idleness Syndrome, which tears apart friends and families, or poor Raiders that were never able to afford the tuition fees for professional qualifications as a Driver, Pilot, Engineer, Geologist, etc, and thus never got a chance to shine in life by becoming the driver of a Chrome Crusher. To give you a little context on how easy it is to help, only three clicks are needed for a professional Rock Raider qualification in one of the most common employing areas, a Driver, and ten clicks will elevate a Rock Raider to the maximum level obtainable, which opens up many more elite employment possibilities, such as Monster Buster (requiring Drill + Laser Beam + Sonic Blaster + Hammer (for reinforcing monster walls)), or Chief Reinforcer (Drill + Shovel + Hammer). A click could save a raider's life from landslides: please donate!

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While using this I discovered that whilst carrying, vehicles cannot shovel or drill: telling an upgraded Hover Scout to drill a wall whilst it's carrying something will act as if it is unable to drill, even in first person. Clicking "Unload" and then giving them the drill order works fine. Same for shovelling, except that can't be done in first person: a shovel order will not be carried out if the Hover Scout is carrying something.


There are three things to consider about this:

a) This explains why upgraded Loader Dozers w/ Carry are just so bad. They'll wander all over the map, clear some rubble, pick up the ore that results from the rubble: and then be unable to clear rubble and have to drive all the way back to the Tool Store to drop their ore off: an utter waste of travel time.


b) This also explains why the Small Digger cannot carry anything, as whilst carrying it would be unable to drill. Anyone adding this functionality (probably me :P) should keep this in mind.


c) This is likely the result of a bodge for raiders. Raiders whilst carrying are obviously unable to drill walls or clear rubble: but they're the only thing in the game that can carry and do something else that you'll use on a regular basis (nobody uses upgraded carry Loader Dozers on a regular basis :P). During testing the LRRs must have tried to clear rubble or drill walls (or reinforce, etc...) whilst carrying, which would result in silly things happening. So the engine programmers must have just put in a bodge that if something is carrying it is unable to perform any other action.

This is shown by when raiders are carrying ore, they cannot be given drill orders (something that's so integral to how I play the game that I forgot and had to quickly boot LRR to check :P)

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I made an honorary Lego set!





Given Cirevam just dumped a copy of Lightwave into my hands... this will be coming soon tm to a mod near you!



also yes I'm sorry the binoculars for scanners are the "new dark grey" when the Hover Scout's base and laser turret pieces are "old dark grey;" I'm so sorry to those of you who are triggered by such a sight but I just don't have those binoculars in the old dark grey colour! Please accept my apology!

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