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Hidden Caverns + Path.map = Stupidity (& how to solve it)

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TL;DR The game won't put paths and rubble in Undiscovered Caverns



Before I even get into a modded game, I'd like to show you Frozen Frenzy:




The rubble in Undiscovered Caverns at game start will not show up. Remember that room full of landslides on the right, that is immaculate when you dig into it but suddenly starts landsliding like mad as soon as you open it? There are rubble tiles there, but they won't show up for whatever stupid reason.


I also wondered why there were no Power Paths in the spot where you find the Tunnel Transport. It turns out because Power Paths + undiscovered caverns not only never show up, they also cause this very strange heightmap glitch:

(excuse the screenshot taken from Time Raiders, but the idea is still very much the same)





Does this mean all hope is lost? .... No. Because NERPs scripts will save us!

"Rubble" can be generated by using SetTutorialBlockIsGround X. Just fill in the spot you want with Rubble with any wall. Paint them with a tuto block (let's say 1). Also put a tuto block outside, in the undiscovered cavern but not where you want rubble, let's say 2. Then write a script that looks like


GetTutorialBlockIsGround 2 > 0 ? SetTutorialBlockIsGround 1

That should work without any problems (haven't actually tested it...)


Something similar should work for paths. Paint all the tiles you want path-ed with tuto block 3. Then say

GetTutorialBlockIsGround 3 > 0 ? SetTutorialBlockIsPath 3


This will infinitely regenerate the paths if you demolish them. So we'll need a little register usage, like this:


GetR1 = 10 ? :SkipPath

GetTutorialBlockIsGround 3 > 0 ? SetTutorialBlockIsPath 3

GetTutorialBlockIsGround 3 > 0 ? SetR1 10



(see this for an explanation of what I've done)


Curiously a script that looks like


TRUE ? SetTutorialBlockIsPath 1

TRUE ? SetTutorialBlockIsPath 2

TRUE ? SetTutorialBlockIsPath 3

will only generate a path on tutorial block 1. I have absolutely no clue why this is :S fortunately if multiple blocks are called tutorial block 1, multiple paths will be generated on tutorial block 1, but none on 2 or 3; this will have implications if you want paths to be generated several times; experiment!


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