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Back from the support station (?)

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Hey there everyone, seems I finally nom nom nommed up that sandwich and am ready to shovel up the past!


I know this isn't really a "I'm new here" kind of deal, but I have been inactive for the last 5 plus years (In my defense, the sandwich was very good. Yay for support station sandwiches)


A lot has changed and some stuff stays the same. Regardless, I wanted to drop in say hello to the new community that's currently active, and ..re (idk) ..introduce myself?


So why have I returned, after this amount of time? Basically, I guess I recently had some sort of... insane nostalgia burst I guess you could call it. (you're going to have one too eventually, trust me). For me, that's Lego; more specifically, Lego Rock Raiders, Stunt Rally, Loco, Island, Racers..... you name it. Basically, the old Lego games.


I've completely grown out of it, and barely remembered the games as a whole, thus a few days ago I decided to fire up my secondary benchmark and render computer, install a fresh copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, and started playing my childhood again.


Unrelated, but Is it just me, or aside of the visual side, the gameplay sort of really just doesn't age?


I digress, so after playing for a good while, I remembered something vaguely related to modding. After googling, I found this forum again I vaguely remembered I had a username here, so after pondering my entire existence three times over, and eventually digging for about a week I realized it was based on my oldest Email address. And.. well I suppose now we're here!


Now having played through the original, Baz's Mod 1.5 and Axel's Mod completely... well... I guess it's fair to say, am living back my past rock raider style.


So now that’s out of the way…



------ The TLDR line ------


For anyone who hasn't yet met me, which is probably a large part, I'm Rockboy. I used to go by the name Legoboy a lot as well (It used to be my email name).


Now? I'm now known as Frozen Snow. Currently I'm a songwriter, audio engineer, make arrangements, am a poor mans After Effects guy who does know some advanced things if motivated, and specialize in Orchestrations (think two steps from hell). I have written music for animation and games. (I also do some other things that aren’t interesting so let’s skip em)


(Minor detail that's probably controversial, I'm a Brony - No hate pls, LMS Explorer shields are still being repaired.)


I've been a long time Lego fan, and it seems I still am. Who knows, it seems from old messages in my DM I was working on a mod. I might pick that back up while I'm at it? Maybe write some background music, create new audio for the game etc.  Seems some of the tools got updates (or are being updated too), awesome!


Anyway, that's about it. I want to apologize if this isn't a message you post here, if it's not, feel free to point that out!


I have been procrastinating this long enough. Back to mining, shoveling and walking into lava, dynamite and landslides!



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Scanners aboard the LMS explorer have detected large unidentifiable forum users that appear to be from the old site! We cannot risk leaving them unwelcomed or abandoning RRU. Protect RRU by welcoming in this forumer and write in the forum post that occurs. You will need to reply to any posts and continue to browse the site until he's joined the Discord server. The Rock Raiders Modding Tools are in a nearby section, waiting to make the game worth playing, but our only way of reaching it is browsing the forum database or dropping individual links. Take care, Rock Raider!




(Yup, you're in the right section!)

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