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groovy grover

lego rock raider installer won't launch

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groovy grover

hi everyone,


i have a queaston:


i realy really really want to play rock raiders for a long time and tried it many times but unfortunly i never had to get it working..

and had decinde to try it again..

and really to try the methodes on this page:  

but unfortunly the setup doesn't want to launch at all.. :'(

however if i go to my task manger and look at the procces tab i can see it has launch a 32 bit installer but besides that nothing happends.. :(

and i tried to search on this forum but i see no one with the same problem..

i really really really love to play this game again, so if anyone know a solution to this please let me know. ;D


my system specs are:

"windows 7 service pack 1"

with a "nvidia gtx 1060 GPU"

and a AMD CPU with "intel (4) core's i7-700" (8 core's with hyper tredting)


thx already for reading and thinking!


ps: i'm from the netherlands and my english is really bad so srry if i make this hard to read! ;) 

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groovy grover

i'm really sorry guys...

i did forget the oldst trick in the book: restarting my computer xD

now the setup launches and works proppely..

srry voor bothering you guys with this! 

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