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Cave Raiders (LRR Remake)

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A remake of Rock Raiders in Unity, updated and improved from the original game.


About: Cave Raiders is a recreation of Lego Rock Raiders, originally being developed in Torque 3D as a Multiplayer first person experience, now being redone in Unity with a much closer match to the original single player expirence with all the modern improvements. This game is being developed from the ground up using Unity, no code from the original game is being used and its a time consuming process. Development has been ongoing since Q1 of 2018 with public discord server going up around May. The title Cave Raiders was chosen to avoid confusion with the original game that could easily be recognized as it's own game. There will be a lot of content reused from LRR (Sound, Music, Icons) however the visuals will generally be recreated.

Discord: Link
News and updates posted regularly

Features: Ideally recreating all of the original games content is the goal, there will also be improvements, fixes and changes. Below are a few planned and already added features.

* Modern Visuals - Every stud on every brick included (With a toggle tick box to turn them off for extra performance) plus accurate to the brick vehicles and structures.
* Built in Map Editor - Why use external tools when you can do it all within the same game (Loading maps from LRR will not be added).
* Rock Raider Avatars - Raiders now have customization and will have visual presets depending on the raiders training.
* Extra Structures, Vehicles and functionality - The Tunnel Transport wasn't a usable vehicle in the original (Without mods), it and a few other pieces will be included with new functionality to the original play sets such as picking up vehicles and transporting them over water/lava etc. Also potential new "Helipad" structure for air vehicles separating them for special levels/tech.
* Re-balanced Wall Tier System - There are now 5 types of destructible wall tiers (Diet, Loose Rock, Rock, Hard Rock, Condensed Rock). The purpose being for more diverse use of each vehicle giving them more reason to be used and additionally adding Condense Rock for an end game style mining.

* Re-purposing laser vehicles and structures -  When implemented, they will include two modes. Mining and Weapons, allowing for better combat use and basic mining functionality for more vehicle tech versatility instead of just Raiders using weapons.

Future Features: Also known as Feature Creep

* Custom Walls, Resources, Structures, Vehicles (Mod Support) - While the game is being developed with this in mind, getting it working and safe for everyone to use is extremely time consuming.
* HD Textures - A likely patch or toggle option in the future. A complete rework of all the textures in the game to make them pop and look much more modern.

Test versions on the Discord server, when a proper stable release is out it will be placed here.

Main Menu Test Animation: Link


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there looks interesting, but the Discord link is already broken...




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