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LR1 Lego Racers 1 - is the windowed mode usable at all?

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Hi everyone, my first post on the board.

So I have the 1999 release of LR1 installed on my Windows 7 PC and basically it's working flawlessly. I'm using  -novideo, -horzres, -vertres and -alphatrans switches, and the only problem is that the menus are still 640x480 and 'condensed' in the upper left corner, but gameplay-wise it's not a problem at all.

However, I wanted to stream the game using software such as Streamlabs OBS and I'm having a hard time making it work. I can't set up obs, because in fullscreen mode the game doesn't allow the mouse pointer to go out of bounds. As for the windowed mode I tried both QRes and dgVoodoo. Using QRes I managed to run the game in windowed mode, but anytime I click anywhere outside the game window, it minimizes to the tray! As for dgVoodoo, the problem is even stranger - if I click outside the windows it maximizes, but goes entirely black and stops the game, thus making the obs setup burdensome to say the least.

Did any of you guys manage to overcome these issues?

I was thinking of buying the 2001 release and trying the same things with it, but I know the physics engine in 2001 release is different, and one of the key aspects in this game for me is the way how the cars steer.

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Check this out if you want to stop the minimizing:

Personally, I use dxwnd to run the game in windowed mode with these settings.

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