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LRR Path to Power Glitch

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Okay, so this one really bothered me for years. Back when I was 10 years old I was playing the Path to Power level and I accidentally found a cave and it had never done that before. When I tried to repeat the level I could never get it to do that again and I tried like 30 or more times over. Years later when I found out about Baz's mod and played that level I thought I was about to go crazy because when I played that level on Baz's mod I found the exact cave I tried finding over and over in the vanilla game. It was a corridor linking the starting position and the farthest part of the second cave. Did anyone else find something like that in the vanilla game?

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This is the entire map of The Path to Power, with hidden caverns highlighted in red. No such corridor appears to exist, and it doesn't look like you could abuse the 2x2 rule to force a wall to collapse. The wall between the start and end areas is three blocks wide, so it would be impossible. You're probably going crazy. Don't worry; you're in good company.



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