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Confused By Folder Names

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Some of the folder names are a lot different than their in-game counterparts. I can't figure out whether Gunstation is the Mining Laser or something else entirely.

I'm also having a hard time figuring out whether Teleports is referring to the Teleport Pad or both the Teleport Pad and Super Teleport.

Finally, is the SB in SpiderSB "Small Body"?


Just for clarification, have I got these right?

Barracks - > Support Station

BirdScarer - > Sonic Blaster

LMLP - > Large Mobile Laser Cutter

SMLP - > Small *                            *

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Go to the ObjectNames { section of the CFG file. It shows the internal name and the "friendly" name for everything. If you scroll further down into BuildingTypes {, you can see the internal name and the folder (just for each building in this case). The Gunstation is indeed the Mining Laser and Teleports is the Teleport Pad. The Super Teleport is TeleportBIG.

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I see. So does the CFG file determine which assets are used and which ones are left unused?

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Correct. You can have several folders with working scripts, models, animations, textures... and it only works if the CFG tells the game to load it. Inversely, the game will usually crash if the CFG tries to load something that doesn't exist. One of the earliest mods that exploited this was uncommenting the CFG entries for the snake, scorpion, and large spider. These creatures are nearly fully functional and were simply disabled at some point instead of being deleted. Anything with a semicolon before it is disabled. Here's an example of one of those creatures.


;		Scorpion {
;			Levels			1
;			RouteSpeed		0.3
;			TrackDist		10.0
;			CollRadius		4.0
;			CollHeight		2.0
;			PickSphere		10.0
;			AlertRadius		40.0
;			CrossLand		TRUE
;			RubbleCoef		0.8
;			ScaredByBigBangs	TRUE
;			CanBeShotAt		TRUE
;		}


I never tried enabling these monsters myself, so don't be surprised if they crash the game. The game loads files in a specific order once an object is called in the CFG. I believe it goes like this, so you should be able to figure out what's missing if something goes wrong:


  1. Check object's AE file. Malformed file may crash or cause unexpected behavior.
  2. Check upgrades being called in AE file (loops back to CFG). Bad or missing references/models crash the game.
  3. Check animations (LWS files) in AE file. Bad or missing files are ignored.
  4. Check models (LWO files) in each LWS file. Bad or missing files crash the game.
  5. Check textures being called by each LWO file. Bad or missing files crash the game.

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Wait a second. Lws files look like they're being referenced like a folder.

MiscObjects {					; Non expandable....

		Boulder						MiscAnims\Boulders\SmallBoulder
		Pusher						MiscAnims\Effects\RD_Push_Weap
		Freezer						MiscAnims\Effects\RD_Ice_weap
		BoulderExplode				MiscAnims\Effects\Rock_Explo
		BoulderExplodeIce			MiscAnims\Effects\Ice_Explo
		LaserShot					MiscAnims\Effects\RD_Laser_Weap
		SmashPath					MiscAnims\Effects\Concrete_Explo
		Crystal						MiscAnims\Crystal\VLP_GreenCrystal
		Dynamite					MiscAnims\Dynamite
		Ore							MiscAnims\Ore\Ore1st
		ProcessedOre				MiscAnims\Brick\2x2brick
		Barrier						MiscAnims\Barrier
		Explosion					MiscAnims\Effects\Mockup_explode3
		ElectricFence				Buildings\E-Fence\E-Fence4
		ElectricFenceStud			MiscAnims\Brick\SingleStud_ON
		ShortElectricFenceBeam		Buildings\E-Fence\EFbeam
		LongElectricFenceBeam		Buildings\E-Fence\EFlongbeam
		SpiderWeb					MiscAnims\SpiderWeb
		Pillar						World\ProMeshes\pillar
		RechargeSparkle				MiscAnims\Effects\Recharge_Twinkle
		MiniTeleportUp				Mini-Figures\Pilot\VLP_TelepUp
		OohScary					MiscAnims\BirdScarer
		LazerHit					MiscAnims\Effects\RD_Laser_Impact
		PusherHit					MiscAnims\Effects\RD_Pusher_Impact
		FreezerHit					MiscAnims\Effects\RD_Ice_weap_exp
		IceCube						MiscAnims\IceCube
		PathDust					MiscAnims\Effects\Pathdust
		LavaErosionSmoke1			MiscAnims\Effects\Erode1
		LavaErosionSmoke2			MiscAnims\Effects\Erode2
		LavaErosionSmoke3			MiscAnims\Effects\Erode3
		LavaErosionSmoke4			MiscAnims\Effects\Erode4
		BirdScarer					MiscAnims\BirdScarer\Boom
		UpgradeEffect				MiscAnims\Effects\UPGRADE_SPARKS


Um... What's going on with that?


Oh no! The wav files are like that too!

Samples {

		SFX_Bodge					Sounds\Minifigure\screw1

		!SFX_Drip					Sounds\drip1,Sounds\drip2,Sounds\drip3,Sounds\dripsA,Sounds\dripsB,Sounds\dripsC

		SFX_Drill					*Sounds\drtdrillc
		SFX_DrillFade				*Sounds\drtdrille
		SFX_RockBreak				*Sounds\Rokbrek1
		SFX_FallIn					*Sounds\lanslide

		SFX_RockMonster				Sounds\RMonster\Roar1
		SFX_RockMonster2			Sounds\RMonster\Roar2
		!SFX_Ambient					Sounds\iceamb1,Sounds\iceamb2,Sounds\iceamb3,Sounds\lowamb1,Sounds\lowamb2
		!SFX_Ambientloop				Sounds\iambloop	

		SFX_ButtonPressed			Sounds\New_sfx\click
		SFX_Radar					Sounds\New_sfx\radar
		SFX_Siren					Sounds\New\call2arms
		SFX_CrystalRecharge			Sounds\New\crecharge
		SFX_Laser					Sounds\Buildings\Laser1
		SFX_LaserHit				Sounds\New\lazhit
		SFX_LazerRecharge			Sounds\New\lrecharge
		!SFX_TopPriority				Sounds\New\ping
		!SFX_ImmovableRock			Sounds\New\thud
		!SFX_Wall					Sounds\New\wallclick
		!SFX_Floor					Sounds\New\wallclick
		SFX_BoulderHit				Sounds\RMonster\Impact
		!SFX_Lava					*Sounds\New\lavbub

		SFX_Okay					Sounds\New_sfx\click
		SFX_NotOkay					Sounds\NotOkay

		;SFX_InterfaceSlideOnScreen		Sounds\New\panel
		;SFX_InterfaceSlideOffScreen		Sounds\New\sidepanel

		!SFX_RockWipe				Sounds\FrontEnd\MenuRock
		!SFX_CaptainSlide			Sounds\Minifigure\capslide
		SFX_Dynamite				Sounds\gen_Explode2

		SFX_PlaceCrystal			Sounds\Minifigure\crystaldrop
		SFX_PlaceOre				Sounds\Minifigure\rockdrop
		SFX_Place					Sounds\Minifigure\placedown



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The CFG doesn't specify file extensions because the game knows what each file type's extension should be. Everything is like that. The MiscObjects { section is also a bit notorious since everything there is hardcoded. Some objects in there are only models, and some have animations with models. I've tried changing them in the past to have an animated crystal, for example. It doesn't work. Look at the UpgradeTypes { section instead. Those point to model files which you can confirm yourself. The sounds are like this too.


Objects are AE

Animations are LWS

Models are LWO

Sounds are WAV

Textures are BMP


Videos are the only exception, but you can make the game play .wmv files instead of .avi, so maybe it doesn't actually look for the extension unless you tell it to look.

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