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Mr. Skeltal

LRR Widescreen Resolutions Not Working

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Mr. Skeltal

So Rock Raider's has been working excellently on my machine, with only the occasional freeze after playing for long enough.

However, I have been having 2 issues relating to the mod loader Cyrem has made for the game.

First off is, while I can play the game in it's original 4:3 16:9 aspect ratio, I was wanting to try and get it to play in widescreen 1280 X 720 (which i was able to on an older machine long while back). However, doing this seems to Load the game to the Rock Raiders splash screen, with no loading bar, and then crashes back to the desktop after a bit. I should note, mode select skipping does not work on my end, and I don't know why that is. Also, I am using dgvoodoo to run the game properly.

2nd issue is that when I ran cafeteria when trying to get widescreen stuff working, it got rid of all of my mods that I installed manually, which was really annoying. Thankfully, I kept the LegoRR0 that had all the mods I installed manually, so it wasnt a big loss, but still annoying, none the less.

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The second issue is because Cafeteria comes with its own mod loader, and will basically ignore your existing LegoRR0 and RR1 .wad and replace them with vanilla ones (?)


I wouldn't have a clue what to do about the first issue :s


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1. It has crashed because the mod failed to apply correctly, OR, the window size didn't match the resolution it was expecting. That version of Cafeteria relies on a memory hack in order for it to work, and unfortunately, sometimes it doesn't. You can disable the mode skip, that's ok. When that dialog appears, is one of the selectable resolutions on it the one that you chose in Cafeteria? I have solved this issue with a patch which isn't yet available but will be soon.


2. The current version of Cafeteria uses the backed up wads as the base game and then applies the mods on top of that. If the mods haven't been applied in the backup wads, they will be erased when the game next rebuilds and launches.  The upcoming version of Cafeteria works differently, and manual mods won't be erased.

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