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Mr. Skeltal

LR1 Game Crashes When Going To Adjust Controls

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Mr. Skeltal

So I have Racers running perfectly fine on my machine, along dgVoodoo on it, so I can run the game in higher resolutions, and apply anti-aliasing.

However, i'm not exactly a fan of the default controls, as I usually have Powerup's mapped to the Space Bar, Power Sliding on Left Shift, and Braking on Left Control (that way I can do super power slides quite easily)

Issue is, whenever I go to the control menu, the game will instantly crash back to the Desktop.

I thought it was an issue with my controller being plugged in, but unplugging it didn't change anything.

I doubt it's an issue with my machine, as I have had the game running fine on Windows 10 before, and with dgVoodoo.

I'm pretty sure I have the game running as Admin, with Windows 98 Compatibility enabled (I'll have to check, likely wont be able to report back till sometime later) 

The version of the game I run is the 1999 version with No-Disc protection (last I checked, I was one of two people on here that have a similar version)

The specs of my machine are:
Intel i5
Nvidia GTX 970
Windows 7

If any further info is needed, let me know, and I shall try and get back to you as soon as I can.

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First time I've ever heard of that happening. I wonder if it's something with the 1999 version and/or compatibility mode? Could give the 2001 version a shot if you have any way of getting it. Otherwise, maybe the game simply doesn't like a driver you have installed, or something along those lines.

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Mr. Skeltal

Quick Update:

Seems it was Windows 98 Compatibility that broke it, as when I changed it to Windows XP SP3, the game works perfectly fine now. Why Windows 98 mode would not work, but XP SP3 mode does is beyond me.

EDIT: Apparently, the crashing issue when changing controls isn't just something I was having. This place: https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Lego_Racers seems to document that happening to others as well

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I've never used any compatibility mode, only the -novideo argument in the shortcut.

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