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LI1 Goodies From Wes Jenkins OTHER Site

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So first off I found the canned spinoff pilot clip


Next off there's an early version of the intro

Next I've found the original draft of the manual 
There's so much to note here and I'm sure jamesster will add more in a post


PAGE TWO Visual: Night time on the Island. In the background is a dragon. TEXT: ...one night after a fine day of building and dragon fighting, I mentioned to the Brickster that I wanted to create a new friend for us to play with.


The Brickster built his own Island and called it OGEL Island. Eventually he built his own friends: Fright Knights, Pirates, Head Hunters, Bandits and the like. Occasionally, they return to LEGO Island to steal bricks or create chaos. Visual (3 small panels of Island): Castle being built, Western town being built, Modern building going up.

Wes really wanted theme crossovers but for whatever reason were removed! Also lots of unused/changed character bits here


Character 1
Label: Captain Click The notorious and nefarious captain of the pirates. His son Mouse was left on LEGO Island to guard the buried treasure, but Mouse decided to stay and become a friend of LEGO Island. Mouse later became Professor Click and one of my best friends. He is the distant relative of Dr. Clickitt, LEGO Island's most respected physician.

Character 2
Label: The Roni family: Mac and Raisa Brave explorers, the Ronis traveled far and wide on their sailboat, The Gustatory Delight, collecting gourmet foods, like strange cheeses and wacky sauces. Eventually they settled on LEGO Island and had a fine large family.

Character 3
Label: Rootin' Tootin' Roni One of the many sons of Mac and Raisa, he was a real cowboy and a very early founder of frontier LEGO Island.

Character 4
label: Bologna Roni Another son of Mac and Raisa, he was either the strongest, bravest explorer that ever lived or he was one great story teller. No one really knows what happened to Bologna but he left his son, Pepper behind. Pepper was adopted by Mama and Papa Brickolini.

Character 6
Label: The Nubbins Family The Island's wealthiest family and are one of the earliest Island settlers. They built the first ranch for horses, dogs, cats and birds. In the early days of LEGO Island, everyone rode a horse from the Nubbin's Ranch. Today, their great granddaughter, Nancy Nubbins, is the co-owner and ace mechanic at the popular Octan gas station; the only station in town.

Brian Shrimps mentioned here and also a plastic Pete.... Could Pete Bogg be related to Plastic Pete also?


Crowd Photo This is a photo of one of the first LEGO Island picnics with Gideon Worse, Red Greenbase, Plastic Pete, Studs Linkin, Rhoda Hogg, Valerie Stubbins, Maggie Post, and Brian Shrimp with his surfer pals, Poly Gone, Shiny Doris, and Nubby Stevens. There's the Funbergs, and so many more that I haven't enough room to list them all.

Which leads me to this: https://web.archive.org/web/20070611221807/http://www.conceptdotcom.com/LEGOCharacters.pdf Sky Lane was mentioned here under "Skye" did Wes have a role in her conception? (Also it should be noted Wes seemed to have written this later on obviously, could he have been trying to revive the franchise somehow?)

Now for our next bit: Wes had another LI2 script on that site meantioning Rock Raiders: https://web.archive.org/web/20070611221825/http://www.conceptdotcom.com/LEGOisland2-dialogsample.pdf So apparently Rock Raiders was going to get an island at one point, but it got cut. There's several bits in game from that, but I'll note that in another topic.

Should also note these, as they're from LEGO Medias Learning Range:
Seems fitting with Wes saying he had binders full of LEGO game ideas, lol

Also to be noted:
This vid has LI1 face textures in it: 

And this has an "Gideon Worse", lol:https://web.archive.org/web/20070611222547fw_/http://www.conceptdotcom.com/radio/GAYspellingB.mp3 

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I certainly wonder how Rock Raiders would have fit in with having their own island, nonetheless I can imagine it probably would have been a nice addition.


Great finds.

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16 hours ago, Cyrem said:

I certainly wonder how Rock Raiders would have fit in with having their own island, nonetheless I can imagine it probably would have been a nice addition.

Don't forget that random rock monster cave in LI2 GBC; I bet that's a relic of some sort from the scrapped RRI

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