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Ice Sanctuary [Custom Level]

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While fooling around in Time Raiders this level was created. I thought I'd also port it over to LRR as it stood, as I quite liked the level. Download it here. I am terrible with names / plot / lore / anything that isn't brutally spamming monsters at you in devious and nasty ways, so I just turned "Sanctuary of Crystal" into "Sanctuary of Ice"


The objective is to collect 100 Energy Crystals. (There are 178 in total, so you should easily be able to collect 100 crystals while having a huge Rock Raider HQ)


For best results, please be playing with mods that a) remove the one-hit-kill ability of Laser Beams to Ice Monsters and b) nerf Electric Fences hard. Bonus points for c) making manual lasers useful. @alan did a fantastic job with his erosion map - challenging yet not rage-inducing - now I'm going to see how many monsters NPL scripting can throw at you without causing you to scream.



1) Unzip IceSanc (obviously!) and put it under GameLevels

2) Open Lego.cfg, find a level you don't like (tutorials are good!), and take note of original NextLevel, LevelLinks, FrontEndX and FrontEndY - you'll need those to stop the level from breaking things.

3) Open up "relevant cfg code.txt" in the IceSanc folder and paste the cfg contents on top of the old level

4) Put NextLevel, LevelLinks, FrontEndX and FrontEndY back on top

5) Go into the IceSanc folder and open up ObjectiveText.txt - up there should be [PUTWHICHEVERLEVELYOUREPLACEDHERE] . So if you just replaced Dig_Tuto_01, put Dig_Tuto_01 in square brackets. Or if you overwrote Rocky Horror (not sure why you'd do that!), which is Level25, put [Level25] up top.

6) Save, compile WADs if needed, start LRR, and laugh because you're still running vanilla LRR where Laser Beams instakill Ice Monsters.


Stuff that, grab the Cafeteria patch (requires Custom Level Framework)


I'm afraid it's not as neat as @alan's lovely method :(


If you want to make the level harder, you'll find Dugg_evil.map inside the IceSanc folder. Just rename that to Dugg.map and you will now have to deal with monster and slug spams on different sides of the map, which will cause your Rock Raider AI to break.



- Shovelling rubble generates no ore, but there's plenty in the walls (and Ore Seams always have lots!). Abuse the Ore Refinery if you want loads.

- Fun things with NPL scripting that unlike poor @alan I did actually get to work

- A more or less spoiler-free NPL script (take that, @Slimy Slug OldTonguePNG_transparent.png.e4013114c97501de1099aa06ca5e6529.png)

- A sensible slug script that does not endlessly spam slugs at you (*cough* Back to Basics *cough*)



Also, don't forget reinforcing walls prevents monsters from emerging.


EDIT: This and a couple of other levels are now up to date with the Custom Level Cafeteria Framework - get them here.


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