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Digital A few Rock Raiders MOCs in LDD

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Oooh... I like the alliteration of Basalt Buzzer... I also like the usage of the buzzsaws.... I have far too many of those and am looking for ways in which I can just throw them all on a model OldTonguePNG_transparent.png.e4013114c97501de1099aa06ca5e6529.png

However I would not like to be driving that - look at the lack of protection the driver has! Still, I suppose it's better than the Small Digger, in which the minifigure's feet end where the chainsaws begin OldTonguePNG_transparent.png.e4013114c97501de1099aa06ca5e6529.png


The Small Dozer, unsurprisingly, looks quite small. I've played faaaar too much LRR with Loader Dozer spam (modded 2 crystal cost, greatly improved speed, more or less impervious to landslides) and so when I see ___ Dozer I think "Can it throw the rubble over its head?" - and this just seems a little on the small side OldTonguePNG_transparent.png.e4013114c97501de1099aa06ca5e6529.png I do really like the way you've 'imitated' the old baseplate with those grey bricks.


Very nice mini-MOCs and would make a nice addition to any mining fleet!

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Thanks @aidenpons, though tbh most LRR vehicles would be dangerous to operate lul.


SMLC, go over a rock large enough or sit up too straight and burn off the top of your head.

Small Digger, as you said, rock saws right next to your face and feet.

Rapid Rider- one slip and your in the drink.

Cargo carrier- driver has no fall prevention, and neither propeller has any guards, not even yellow and black warning stripes.


Could be worse though- could be in the Death Star. Mmmm... bottomless pits with... no safety rails. Nah, not an issue.


Watching overdone Hollywood movies with questionable physics and designs is hilarious when half your relatives are engineers.

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