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LRR remake project

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3 hours ago, Erisdar_Skolir said:

I realize my last post was a little ambiguous, so example time.



Credit to


for the entity manager code.


I partial refactored an ECS system into a fork of your project as it stands on github. I have lws animations working, but I didn't mess around with too much else.

A lot more could be optimize/organized, especially in the loader classes, but this was just a small example of how an ECS system could better organize this project.

Also recognize it isn't a complete ECS example because logic still exists within the components, but that is just due to me not wanting to completely refactor data classes such as the LwsAnimation file. A real implementation would change those files to just be structs (or as close to structs as you can get in java) and move all the logic into factory/loader classes and systems.


If you think it is worth looking into I can work on making a prototype engine to demonstrate scripting, better entity creation, multi-threading, etc. that an ECS would allow. Though I am definitely not touching those file formats. They scare me.


I'd be happy to see a little prototype, since I am a little bit unsure how to structure the final game. If it works well, I will defenitly add it to the project, and if you are interested, you can work on it. I feel more comfortable in the more "data-near" (loading files, transforming meshes, etc.) parts :)

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I have a little announcment to make, if anyone is interested, I will be streaming today whilst continuing the project. That would be on twitch, with the same username.


I had to make a little bit of a pause, since the size got out of hand.


Edit: I have stopped the stream now. I will do this more often.


I got the cursor animations loaded, and applied, though not to the cursor, but to the map mesh.

I will fix the cursor tomorrow. probably around the same time

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So, today i got the Fonts done (the cursors are done aswell).

And I came across a problem.


The fonts obviusly have some kind of encoding, and I cant seem to find the right one...

I am currently using Cp850 with an offset of 32, which works for all characters except: ÄäÖöÜü and etc.



Does anyone have an idea, what the encoding could be?

I tried looking at some different ones, but I couldnt find one, that fits perfectly.


Elsewise I will convert it to the right encoding myself, but that would be kind of tedius, since there arent many references to look at.

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