Broken childhood resolved!

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Hi all! 
I always missed something from my childhood....finishing this game....
It was buggy, laggy, glitchy back then, and got forgotten for long....
Today, a recommended youtube video pops up, and all the nostalgia comes back: I never finished more than like...six missions...It was unplayable as I remember, but could have been a good game, just needed some modding I guess...
So when I learned, it can actually be modded, I grabbed the old ISO, and now I'm installing it this very moment....

Oh I'm so excited!!! Finally a working version, so my broken childood finally got resolved!!!
Thank you for all the effort put into this ancient game gem, I gonna try out some mods right away.
Some "quality of life" improvements might come in handy..... 

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Great to hear you can get back into this old gem :) Modding it can be a bit fiddly and sometimes a headache but quite rewarding.


Some of the best quality of life mods are still in the works...



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