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Hey y'all!

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Hello everyone!


My name is SullyMcGully. I'm an intrepid internet resident who loves meeting new people and discussing the things I'm passionate about. I'm already a devoted member of a few internet communities, but I've never had anywhere to talk about the passion of my childhood: LEGOs. The first video game I ever played was Rock Raiders, and while all my attempts at resurrecting my old CD have failed, I still have many fond memories of hours spent running from rock monster and shooting down slimy slugs. 


That said, I really enjoy just socializing with people regardless of their interests. Serious discussion, forum games, Discord... they're all ways I make friends and learn more about the world. I'm a homeschooled country boy, so the internet is about my only avenue for forming relationships and meeting new people. So I hope I can do that here!


As a disclaimer, I've been told I'm a bit of a flirt sometimes, and I'm very sheltered. Fortunately those tendencies have been ironed out a bit elsewhere, so they shouldn't be too much of an issue here.


I look forward to talking with some of my fellow LEGO maniacs

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You sound like my younger self  :ilaser:  Welcome to the wacky, derpy, nerdy (and proud of it) community of RRU!

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