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I have discovered to my delight recently that RRU is back up again! I was only a lurker beforehand, but since I had developed some LEGO related custom sprites, a Scratch game demo, and a few models in LEGO Digital Designer that I have recovered from the saved files from an older computer; I registered an account so that I would be able to dispense of this media, created about 5-6 years ago. I am particularly interested in anyone's opinion of my model of a Death Worm I made in LDD for the Return to Planet U mod that I had heard about at that time, although I admit it would be quite difficult to animate. 


I'll get to uploading the stuff over the next few days in various forums. It'll give me something to do for now...


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Welcome to the site! Looking forward to whatever you have to post. ^_^

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Welcome back to RRU! With a bit of luck the colour scheme you know, love, and doesn't burn your retinas off will be up again OldTonguePNG_transparent.png.e4013114c97501de1099aa06ca5e6529.png


3 hours ago, headplucker said:

 a Scratch game demo

dear old Scratch... I learnt a lot about programming with that, even though I never realised it.

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