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LSM Need Help: Lego Football Mania on Windows 10

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So, I brought up this question on another site I'm part of, and was directed to ask it over here instead. I apologise if there's already an answer to this floating around - I did a search and couldn't find anything, although I might have missed it.


But, yeah. I was hoping that someone might be able to help me get Lego Football Mania (otherwise known as Soccer Mania) running on Windows 10?


I just had a desire to play it again a couple of days ago, mainly for the old nostalgia; but while it installed insanely quickly on my Windows 10 gaming-quality laptop, it just... doesn't run at all beyond that. The launch screen comes up, I click 'play game', and...


Well, first it told me I needed to log in with administrator permissions to go any further. So I did 'run as administrator' from my computer, and just... nothing happened beyond that. The launch screen came up, I clicked play, the launch screen closed - and that was it, it did nothing further at all. I tried running it in various compatibility modes too; all with the same lack of result.


Does anyone know if there's a solution to get it working?


Thanks! ^^



For added reference, the game played okay some years ago on my previous Windows 7 desktop PC (albeit with a glitch in the save feature); but it just doesn't do anything at all on this computer.

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Firstly, throw compatibility settings on the executable (if the compatibility tab isn't there because Win10 likes to screw with you, run the troubleshooter and tick that you have ALL THE PROBLEMS - it'll throw on settings that you can then take off as you like).


Beyond that, I'm guessing that Soccer Mania probably needs the disk to run? If so, it's probably been hit by the removal of SafeDisc, which basically means all the check-do-you-have-your-disk-in-your-drive break horribly, sometimes not even throwing any useful error message. (It was removed due to security problems and you probably shouldn't try to reinstall it)


All of this is total guesswork on my part, I have a Soccer Mania CD sitting next to my computer but have never even bothered to install it OldTonguePNG_transparent.png.e4013114c97501de1099aa06ca5e6529.png.



So your best bet for reliably getting it to run is probably to fish up your Windows 7 PC :/

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I got it to work on my windows 8 machine by running unsafedisk on it (in a winxp vm, it didn't work on win8).
To get it fully working without a disk, you need to copy the 'CD' folder from the disk to your hard drive and then launch the game by starting game.exe with that copied dir as an argument (similar to how you would run IXS without a disk, except football mania has no 'CDC' folder).

I'm not 100% sure if this will work on win10 as well though.

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Any news on how to run it on Windows 10, same problem occurs for me. I install the game, Run as administrator, try to run it with Windows XP (service pack 3) and all the other things but it just wont start. nothing happens after I click start game. Please Help :/

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