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Slimy Slug

High Poly Ice Monsters

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Slimy Slug

I'm a bit surprised this hadn't been done, so here you are: 





HP Ice Monster!  Adds icicles to the arms of this frosty fright.


Also included is a fixed .ae file, and the absence of unneeded files.  In other words, I cleaned up the folder.



1. Extract LegoRR0.WAD if using that method.

2. In Data\Creatures, delete the IceMonster folder.  Make sure you back the folder up if you do this.

3. Unzip the IceMonster folder and place the extracted folder where the old one was.  Do NOT overwrite the original.


You should be all set!  If you're using the Data method just run the game.  If you're using the WAD method, reassemble it and place it back where you got it from.


I have to give a big thank you to @Jessietail for the idea, and for pointing me in the right direction.  



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