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General WiiU Lego Marvel Super hero .gsc files .can't extract

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WiiU Lego Marvel Super hero .gsc files .can't extract 

I used this  ExtractNxgMESH.exe TITLES_UK_NXG.GSC -dds 


E:\Wii\WIIUAPP\Quickbms\Output\game\LEVELS\TITLES>ExtractNxgMESH.exe TITLES_UK_NXG.GSC -dds
00000000 E:\Wii\WIIUAPP\Quickbms\Output\game\LEVELS\TITLES\TITLES_UK_NXG.GSC
00000371 NU20 Version 0x41
00000379 INFO Version 0x01
000003b9 NTBL Version 0x41
000003e0 TXGH Version 0x0a
000003f8   Number of Textures: 0x04
0000059b MESH Version 0xa9
000005a7   Number of Parts: 0x00000001
000005ab   Part 0x00000000
000005ab     Number of Vertex Lists: 0x00000001
000005af       Vertex List 0x00000000
000005af         New Vertex List 0x000b
000005af           Unknown 0x00000001
000005b3           Unknown 0x00000002
000005c3           Number of Vertex Definitions: 00000004
000005c7             vec3float position
000005ca             vec4mini normal
000005cd             color4char colorSet0
000005d0             vec2float uvSet01
000005d9           Number of Vertices: 00000004
00000649           Offset 0x00000000
0000064d     Unknown Number (should be 0x0): 0x00000000
00000651         New Index List 0x000c
00000651           Unknown 0x00000001
00000655           Unknown 0x00000000
00000659           Number of Indices: 00000006
0000065d           Unknown 0x00000002
0000066d     Offset Indices: 0x00000000
00000671     Number Indices: 0x00000006
00000675     Offset Vertices: 0x00000000
0000067b     Number Vertices: 0x00000004
000006b3     Number of Vertex Lists: 0x00000000 ???
part.OffsetVertices: 00000000
00000fca DISP Version 0x15
00001297 IVL5 Version 0x01
000012b0 META Version 0x41



example files :http://www.mediafire.com/file/ptq67v2yjocszlo/TITLES_UK_NXG.rar

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