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Custom Cars from Lego Racers 2

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As always, I'm going to show you guys my custom made cars but this time, its from LEGO Racers 2.

First off, I would like to pinpoint some problems here in this game.

The problem with the building in LR2 is how not only it limits to twen... :notimpressed: ,ahem, 19 bricks but how limit the selection of bricks in use. Most of the bricks only came from a selected theme. Choose one theme, that's all the bricks you can get. Very disappointed with the results. Luckily, some of the mods here have unlocked all cars and bricks and has removed the limits of selecting in one theme but to be honest, I would like to challenge myself to see how far will my creativity go due to number of bricks only in use. 

Without further ado, let's start


The driver I made is Axle, one of the Rock Raiders Crew. Shoutout to RRU community out there.




I use the digger chassis and looking at it, I have an idea of creating a rally truck. Also I used sloped bricks at the top to add texture to the roof.




I would like to use the tank treads at first but after looking at this chassis, I decided to create a transport truck that fits well with the color motif. 

EDIT: Made so many changes from this one, but after the third iteration, I'm very satisfied with the result.




This one is the souped up version of the martian AI racer's car. The difference is obviously at the back where I add extra detail to it. 

EDIT: Also made changes but it is very minor, I change the grill piece at the back from white to blue.




This hovercraft is my favorite out of the five I made, thanks to the huge wing plates at the front. Also notice that this build came from the AI racers but I made it much better.




This one is very simple. Just add black bricks and green plates with a green windshield. I don't know about you but I kinda like the color scheme to be honest.

EDIT: Changed the two grey antenna's at the back and replaced it with another green plate and a white flag.



So yeah, These are the cars I made while playing Story mode.



Will continue to build more cars when I have the time but for now, I'll be doing something else.

EDIT: Forgot to point out. All those builds you see here are 19 bricks stack full, including the Xalax car.

EDIT 2: Made some changes on Dino Island, Arctic and Xalax Cars.


:E See you guys later.



Been busy lately so I don't have time to get more detailed pictures on each car.

UPDATE 2: Added Two more Sandy Bay cars and more pictures in every view of each car




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more pics have been added

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Nice builds! Your first car reminds me of a duck. If I (or someone else) ever decide to make another LR car building contest,  you should join. 

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39 minutes ago, Edwin said:

Nice builds! Your first car reminds me of a duck. If I (or someone else) ever decide to make another LR car building contest,  you should join. 

I would gladly join. Please do keep me posted.


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Do any instructions exist for these amazing builds? I want to try to obtain the needed parts and to rebuild some. :)

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